EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Oz Discusses The Hydroxychloroquine Study Outcome With Dr.Didier Raoult

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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Oz Discusses The Hydroxychloroquine Study Outcome With Dr.Didier Raoult

And a reminder: do not seek these medications without the guidance of a doctor.

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  • jerzy kunowski says:

    thanks, hydroxychloroquine to work need zinc? dr berg etc

  • infinatenik says:

    Doctors who added zinc to this combination their patients improved in 8 to 12 hours and came out of the ICU.

    • Randy Ross says:

      Chloroquine has other mechanisms that beat up Covid-19 beyond just being a Zinc Ionophore, really it’s just an Ionophore and can transport a hell of allot more than Zinc into cells, like itself obviously where it eats up acid (why Ionophores help with cancers that like acidic environments). It’s not a anti malaria because of Zinc, it protects T Cells from the Parasite (it’s not a Virus) via just getting into the cell and tying up what the virus needs. Now Covid attacks T-Cells, and that’s probably a big reason why it works well beyond Zinc, and also Azithromycin has some Antiviral Properties it doesn’t operate like a normal antibiotic, and Ionophores push it more into cells, increasing it’s effect as it can beat up Co-infections as well, Co-infections that happen because Covid-19 lowers the Immune System via it’s attack on T-CELLS! Zinc is helpful but not necessarily necessary. Now Quercetin is an over the counter Zinc Ionophore, given 3 – 7 whopping grams per body weight daily for Ebola (seriously you don’t have ebola, don’t take half that much) and that should be taken with Zinc because it’s half as effective as Chloroquine…

    • The94GTC says:

      Can you name some names?

    • Geo Adventure says:

      Hydroxychloroquine is a tunnel for zinc to get in – it does not kill the virus but helps to kill

    • Randy Ross says:

      @The94GTC names? You mean Medical Papers? If you had any research skills and the IQ and frame of reference to just pick up Medical Papers and go, NIH/Pubmed and the sort can back up claims far before Covid-19 on why Zinc Ionophores work, but it goes further, obviously Chloroquine is blocking Covid-19 from attacking T-Cells to some degree like the Parasite not Virus Malaria does. It’s like really hard putting together multiple Medical Papers into a comment on YouTube, so either you can understand Medical Papers and have good research skills, or you are just going to have to believe the experts, and your random unstable geniuses like myself that do understand Medical Papers and have great research skills (all self educated, like me being my own lawyer, I do well, Lawyers in my old state would buy me beers and call me Johnny Cochran…

    • infinatenik says:

      @Geo Adventure zinc deactivates virus so it doesn’t replicate.

  • Raffa visconti says:

    W LA FRANCE PROF RAULTπŸŒˆπŸŒ πŸ›πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‰πŸ—½πŸ—½

  • BlackPill Jesus says:

    I would cast my vote to DrRaoult for the nobel prize for medcine. He deserves it.

  • Free Bird says:

    No ZINC added to the first two meds?? WHY?? I’ve heard very positive news!

  • samsung a10 says:

    Doctor Oz: what happened to that study you mentioned you would finance for $250,000? That was supposed to be done in NY

  • Big Falcon Rocket says:

    πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡«πŸ‡·Dr Didier Raoult = Nobel 2020!!!πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Hydroxychloroquin+Zpak+zinc … GET ON IT CDC!!!!

  • World of Aviation says:

    Bring it on. Lets finish off this evil Corona for good!

  • ted jeanfrancois says:

    me to a vote nobel prize

  • Nokapp23 says:

    He says that “It helps, if patients are treated in early stage.It does not affect at critical stage.”
    If I remember correctly, Governor Coumo instructed to use hydroxyclrorquine when it gets critical. NO MEDIA CRY ON THIS MATTER.

    • andrew mckim says:

      Politicians are sneaky like that.

    • R D says:

      INDEED, and This is very important to understand corrupt governments advised/paid by Pharma or Globalists are deliberately undermining Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, in Europe they are making test trials that are SETUP TO FAIL by mandating that the test only use the combination of Hydroxychloroquine with another medication that makes the outcome WORSE than with hcq alone(instead of azithromycin that makes it better than hcq alone) AND mandating that only critically ill patients that are both no longer affected by the drug and more likely to die be used for the test. I garantee the criminal media will be spreding the obvious negative results as proof that hcq+zpack is not working and dangerous (while not mentioning 2600 were treated with great results)

    • poor fellow says:

      why wait until the point of no return….. use the dam drug…

    • Nelly Farnsworth says:

      KILLER Cuomo 799 DEATHS/DAY.

    • Park Manbecker says:

      it helps end stage too. search youtube:
      LA doctor and hydroxychloroquine.

  • Amanda L Wayman says:

    Would Dr. Raoult like to come to the US to run our task force out of the ditch?

  • Jim Jones says:

    Proof below that this drug DOES WORK,

  • Sheri Carter says:

    I’ve been seeing that they are adding high doses of vitamin C and D along with zinc and getting excellent outcomes.

    • Kristine Anderson says:

      Dr. Shiva πŸ‘

    • Dave Fenzel says:

      You are correct. Vitamin C for the inflammation and vitamin D for the immune system. Both are totally proven and safe.

    • Itsme Forsure says:

      This dr does not even mention zinc does he? From other videos, it sounds like zinc is the hero with HCQ & vitamin c & D.

    • Nelly Farnsworth says:

      THEY WANT ANOTHER JACK-POT LIKE H.I.V./ AIDS WITH “patients” $10,000/patients/month.
      Big PHARMACEUTICAL VIEWS “patients” as cash πŸ’Έ cows πŸ„.
      Drugs jyst a means to harvest cash from the government.

    • Just Me says:

      @mrpower328 what the body does not use in the way of Vitamin C merely leaves the body. No proof anywhere that too much vitamin C is harmful to the body. Mild discomfort but no harm!

  • Jim Jones says:

    Big Pharma HATES THIS DRUG. No money for them

    • Lamar Williams says:

      @tmc che Wrong. Mandatory Vaccinations across all diseases is the end game here. Only takes on to be mandatory across the board to open up the floodgates. That’s the real goldmine that’s being interfered with here and big Pharma hates it.

    • WOLF SOMMER says:

      You absolutely wrong on that – it is only in countries like America a question of big money in countries with general healthcare the drug goes out at a standard price – so if you want to make money with the drug you sell it to America – the drug costs 10 times to what it costs in Sweden – the biggest Problem is people are self-medicating – they are buying it from anywhere – I have even seen fake drug packages being offered – all you need is a color printer and a drug you substitute Metamizole does it nicely – it is only bad for people with kidney problems – and I have to put them on dialysis – thank you Dr. Oz – It would be nice if you would stop pushing the drug – let real doctors do their work.

    • Nelly Farnsworth says:

      You are CORRECT
      “Patient” are just cash cow πŸ„ to HARVEST $10,000/patient/month.

    • Janice Smith says:

      Would ruin their response to their vaccine. Big Pharm doesn’t do a vaccine unless big money in it.

  • Mike Cumberbatch says:

    He needs to interview Dr Zelenko

  • Gerardo Argueta says:

    What happened to Dr Oz study In NY ??!!!

  • Ancy Sabu says:

    This medicine alredy using in India and specialy kerala state good out come

  • Waylon Valnes says:

    It’s EXTREMELY SAD!! That we have a lot of people treating others like there some kind of virus infected scum over this!! American Doctors are list all deaths NO MATTER IF THEY ARE INFECTED OR NOT AS WUHAN FLU DEATHS!!!! This is NOT WHAT THEY ARE ADVERTISING!!!! And the way we have Politicians STEALING OUR RIGHTS AWAY FROM US!!! And PEOPLE ALLOWING IT!!! And we have a MEDICATION THATS A GAME CHANGER!!! And there outlawing it????

  • RBS says:

    India is exporting HCQ all over the world to save the life…Thanks to India and PM Modhi for exporting HCQ to USA and saving the precious life’s.

  • Jon Mallary says:

    Imagine if climate scientists were like this guy.
    “Open mind, testing hypotheses, real data, no opinions, no concensus bias.”

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