Exclusive : Brother of Aaron Hernandez speaks to Dr. Oz following release of Netflix documentary

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  • Patricia Bartosik says:

    The family has an incredible amount of deep shame.

  • Berlin Du Lourve says:

    Denial will never help. Aaron was most likely bisexual and a possible serial killer. Sad for everyone esp the victims

    • EK Supreme says:

      Not even close to being a possible serial killer. Its 3 murders with a “cool off” period between. He wasnt found guilty of the double murder in boston and found had absolutely NOTHING to do with the alleged shootings in Gainesville Fl. Nobody debates that he was or wasnt there he and his lawyer admitted that in court.

  • Maxx Mastroeli says:

    No one watches this but me

  • Tara VALENTI says:

    He was not gay!!

  • Tara VALENTI says:

    That guy that spoke on the documentary just wanted his 15 minutes of fame!!!

  • fakeituntilyouareit says:

    That Oz guy is so weird, makes me uncomfortable.

  • Grim says:

    Aaron might not have pulled the trigger but he was 100% there and 100% an accomplice to murder, thats not debatable.

  • La Serpenta Canta says:

    this is strange, when he said that to his mom I didn’t get any inkling that it was about sexuality, or that he was even gay.

  • R Dy says:

    His mother wanted MONEY and complained about him not giving her a million dollars while he was in jail. Don’t forget his mother was sleeping with her family members husband. The lady who had cancer and was close to Aaron (her husband).

  • joe monroe says:

    Wow his brother looks so much like him

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