Everything You Need To Know About Vaccines Being Tested On People Right Now

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Everything You Need To Know About Vaccines Being Tested On People Right Now

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  • steely dan says:

    Hey doctor oz you take it first then we will see how it goes

  • Maddie W says:

    Great news. Too many have died . Will I take this vaccine? I don’t know.

  • infinatenik says:

    Reason for lockdown was for people not to a aquire herd immunity so the human race to get their deadly vaccines,herd immunity is nature’s vaccine

  • Y Ghatavi says:

    since four months ago they’ve been saying it takes twelve months do they mean twelve months minus these four months?

  • romansrule1 says:

    The only thing to know about vaccines is Gates and WHO involvement so no F off with this vaccine BS for a virus that is on par with the flu. This entire panic was unfounded

  • Karina M says:

    No to vaccines. Bill Gates has an evilnagenda along with deep state, iluminati. They are lying. They want to control people and tben to get the chip in your hand or in other part of tbe body. They will try to convince people. The people have sartanic cults. The news are manipulated by the deep state, elite. The chip equals madk of beast . they will say that its crazy. This is apocalyptic. Hollywood is part of satanic cults
    Thdybare xoing cannibalism, child trafickiing, killing organ trafficking. We are being lied to. Research
    Wake up .Seek God. Ask God for discernment and wisdom. The devil came to steal, kill and destroy. The devil is the deceiver. Jezus came to gives us life in abundance. Bible says we have to be born again. Receive Jesus as ypur Lord and Savior. They want is go keep us locked up testing us rehearsal when later the chip they will say you cannot buy or do anytjing. Choose Jesus.Psalm 27 Psalm 91. Things going on sound like end times. Letsxrepsnt of our sins and Seek God. He us real. You will His protection and love.. Read 2 Cronicles 7:14

  • Christine Jolley says:

    Folks, do your own due diligence! This Covid situation is deeper and wider than you can wrap your head around.

  • michelec492 says:

    The word ” safe” is their way of controlling Us….. I Will NEVER be vaccinated !!! I don’t TRUST anyone involved in this man made population control……by keeping people in it’s killing your immune system to where you will not be able to fight off anything !!!!

  • spaceshipearth999 says:

    Wrong. We could eliminate the virus through testing and wearing masks.

  • Flora Wyatt says:

    It taking many many years she said and they already have one wow good gracious bad not good

  • Debbie ****** says:

    Just like their rush on testing how many will their vaccines kill. CDC’S FAILED CORONA VIRUS TEST WERE TAINTED WITH CORONA VIRUS FED’S CONFIRM

  • roseagain2 says:

    Dr. Oz please interview dr. Judy Mikovits. Thanks!

  • hari alli says:

    The can’t even cure the common cold and now they have nearly got a vaccine for the covid-19 in less than 6-MONTHS, GTFOH.

  • Laura L says:

    why would people trust a vaccine that would not be tested long enough to know its side effects than a drug that has been used for decades?

  • briktawite yimer says:

    Thank you Dr OZ for asking about vaccine and autism

  • Jenn says:

    Thank you Dr Oz for bringing us updates on what these good people are doing to save our lives. Vaccines are needed. If you don’t believe in them that is your choice. Don’t get it. But don’t cry when you get sick.

  • JOHN DOE says:

    Thank you for posting factual information backed up by science and not pandering to people who watched one youtube video or read something online from someone who knew someone else and now know all the “dark secrets” of big pharma. I’m glad an overwhelming majority of people are reasonable and thus we have been able to limit and even eradicate some illness through vaccines that would have killed large numbers of people.

  • Browning Stewart says:

    Am tired of all you guys

  • Bunny Bubs says:

    We all know vaccines take years !! Add they need to follow up for years to track dangerous side effects …. this is a joke … no cute for common cold .. no AIDS vaccine for 40 years … skip the “vaccine” bullshit!

  • Steven Shepard says:

    I just injected a cocktail of bleach and lysol I don’t have to worry about a vaccine i will be dead in the next 30 seconds

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