Erin Brockovich Speaks Out on a Water Crisis Across America and What You Can Do About It

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  • Juliett B says:

    Omggggg the original erin!!!!!! I love what she stands for and im so glad she’s still speaking about these issues!!! ! Julia did a hell of a job playing this lady in the movie and its still one of my favorites ever.

  • Alesia Richmond says:

    Jesus can we get any worst

  • sharpest shed tool says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz.

  • Wendy Neff says:

    Wish she would campaign for FLINT, MI!!!

  • Kathy Stephens says:

    Erin I would invite you to my get together anytime. The Pisces in me is eternally grateful for you. 🙋🙏👍

  • Abu Huraira says:

    It’s fundamentaly moronic to let the water get dirty
    Then clean it up as opposed to just keeping it clean

  • Craig Osterberg says:

    Water regulation is a must.

  • Young At Any Age says:

    Another great video! We are both in our 80’s and may be the oldest-newest YouTubers ever! We recently created our healthy-aging advice YT channel to inspire & help people of any age. We believe in maintaining a strong body, a calm mind, & a positive outlook. Always learn a lot here. TY.

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