Erick Morillo “I Like To Move It” DJ Found Dead

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Famous DJ Accused – "I Like To Move It" DJ Found Dead

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  • Arul Joe editzz says:
    VALIMAI fanmade trailer💥

  • Peter James says:

    He really liked to move it 🍌🤣


    After this, i started to hate this song

  • MissBttrsctch says:

    WOW, I hadn’t heard ANY of this!!

  • NATALIE ‘MsCrzySxyCool’ HARRIS says:

    His guilt killed him. Authorities were getting to close and prison time wasn’t an option. I don’t like that he’s being talked about and he isn’t here to defend himself. Guilt/Not guilty.

  • sharpest shed tool says:

    The justice for his victims is that his legacy will always be that he was a despicable serial rapist.

  • Blu-Ray says:

    Always 2 sides cause women lie too in these situations will never hear DJ views

  • Lolly Pop says:

    DJs are often sexually deviant. They get lots of opportunities to take advantage of vulnerable people.

  • SexiSelextivSunShine says:

    I’m so proud of her!!! I pray she can heal quickly! Thank you!

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