Erase 5 Years Off Your Face

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

These ancient anti-aging secrets are all natural and affordable. Tried and true for thousands of years, these tips can help you look up to 5 years younger.

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  • Elizabeth Wheeler says:

    Ladies make sure to stay away from any products with “Sodium Laureath Sulfate”!!! This will do the opposite effect especially as you grow older! Natural is the best way 🙂

  • RX7821979 says:

    dr oz why don’t you look 5 years younger? ^-^

  • Sheryl Castro says:

    Don’t listen to this lady. we’re not stupid. It’s all in the food

  • Susana B says:

    All she did was advertise

  • Chrissy says:

    Does she think that every american is stupid… She just advertised exactly what she said at the start. ! DR Ozz is such promotion based program

  • holistic79 says:

    Oliver oil or coconut oil is better eye makeup remover. cactus oil is amazing for ur hair too. products are bs.

  • Siddartha Siddatha says:

    This is an ADVERTISEMENT!!!!

  • Adriana Aguirre says:

    Please, choose cruelty free!

  • leftyla says:

    Garnier is the worst brand you can put on your skin. It’s loaded with irritants and artificial fragrance!

  • melinda lynch says:

    signed up for a trial 2.95 and they ended up taking 89.90 out of my account I am fuming

  • Kharlla Dayz says:

    and you still trying to sell your product . . Its all business.

  • Sherley Pierre says:

    so why they look old

  • PirateKing1256 says:

    Why not just brew coffee and rub it on my eyes?

  • Kaye Stewart says:

    I lost faith in people. How much did they get from Mac, Oil of Olay, Garnier for advertising their products? You think they advertised this for FREE. Everything is about money money money. Even reviews on amazon, most are fake and people get paid by the companies. I think the best products are the natural ones. You want scar removal try nutmeg mask mixed with milk or honey. Nutmeg is less than $3.00. Research natural products, no one is getting paid to advertise getting a facial glow by drinking lemon and water daily. Sigh

  • T. MAC says:

    For eye bags why not use the caffeine in green tea bags, put tea bags on your eye bags.

  • Jyl Reybold says:

    Do not buy Dr. Oz Miracle creams. You will be billed $150 NOT $4.95 unbelievable. Jar, tiny and 1/3 full. Serum missing an inch of product. No wonder his magazine shut down. Furious!

  • Kipper says:

    Dear Community, Please find Dermatologist, Dr. Dray on YouTube. She tells the truth and explains the important ingredients to look for in all skin products. This show is BS.

  • Anabella Dickson says:

    I use a face cloth and water to clean my face. The towel cloth rubs off dead skin cells which tend to feel flaky and dry if you don’t do this. Then i dab on coconut oil or olive oil and massage on my dry areas but not too close to my eyes. The finally I rinse my face cloth and squeeze out excess water and I wipe off any remaining oil on my face that has not been absorbed into my skin. I find this is the most natural face cleaning and wrinkle treatment that works.
    Sometimes I mash 1/2 an avocado and use that as a face mask to nourish and soothe my skin.
    Why spend so much money on a bunch of chemicals that have been sitting in a plastic container …who knows for how long when you can use natural and fresh ingredients?
    Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed in believing those chemicals are good for your skin. Even the so called natural skin products still sit in jars and tubes…the ingredidnts are not fresh…fresh stuff goes off if left in a container like that for that long without something to preserve it.
    Drink water throughout the day, eat lots of vegies avoid too much sun. Don’t wear make up. Go a month without make up and see how amazing your skin looks and feels. Dont smoke or drink. If you have unhealthy habits get help and support and quit those. You only have one body so try your best to look after it no matter what age you are. Do it cause you deserve it💜💜💜

  • Keith Reign says:

    Buy so aloe gel and put that on your face 2 times a day in morning and night. I’m 30 and I look 20, trust me it works.

  • Eleana Paris says:

    I love you DR oz i love the heathy tips beauty tips & diets ..

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