Erase 5 Years Off Your Face – Best of Oz Collection

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A collection of the top clips from 11 years of the Doctor Oz Shows

Erase 5 Years Off Your Face – Best of Oz Collection

These ancient anti-aging secrets are all natural and affordable. Tried and true for thousands of years, these tips can help you look up to 5 years younger.

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  • Cassidy Day says:

    Inside out baby…take hair skin and nail capsules…not gummies, too much sugar

  • goilundi1970 says:

    Dr. Oz is a sham

  • D Clifford says:

    Caffeine for eyes? Can you use organic coffee grounds to exfoliate maybe haha. I better look that up.

  • Indiana Jones says:


  • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

    You’re old, your body has changed   *Get over it*

  • earthfoodstv says:

    why is he wearing scrubs?

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