Early Clinical Trial On Remdesivir Treatment Shows Drug Can Block Coronavirus

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Early Clinical Trial On Remdesivir Treatment Shows Drug Can Block Coronavirus

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  • TEDY Bun says:

    Jakarta,Indonesia need this.
    Illuminati or 1% rich family its real.
    Love from jakarta indonesia.

  • badasscop44 says:

    HCQ is the best and cheapest drug. Trump said it, so its not good. HCQ does the exact same thing combined with zinc and it helpes with blood clothes. When Dr Oz. Gave his opinion the crucified him, I thought it was a good opinion, we are all entitled to one. This drug may help, but, it is way more expensive. So ofcourse they are going to push this one. I do not trust Faucchi.

  • Call says:

    wanna be friends?


    next important step is to study nr of antibodies developed in plasma from placebo vs remdesivir treated patients;another way is to search booth effect of remdesivir combined with plasma from treated patients simultaneous;is a hybrid test;can be more….%

  • Gerardo Argueta says:

    HCQ is far more effective than Remdesvir !

  • Das Whodat says:

    I hear Hydroxychloroquine still helps too

  • Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    Remdesivir is highly toxic and causes kidney failure. The fatality rate from the drug is 10%, according to research. If the death rate for hospitalized patients of Covid-19 is only 2%, then Remdesivir is 5x deadlier than the disease it’s supposed to be treating!

    I understand why Fauci is pushing this, but why is Dr. Oz? Could it be this is a paid promotion by Gilead?

  • Keto Solution says:

    It’s all about propping up the capital class. The FDA is doing the bidding of the capital class without any real testing to ensure the cure won’t be worse than the disease.

  • When Nice Guys Retaliate says:

    Disappointing. There shouldn’t be “any” bias in the medical field. However, this situation with Remdesiver and HCQ really looks biased. Shouldn’t matter who wins the race for a cure or if there’s a four-way tie; as long as we have a winner. Next race areas would be in effectiveness, cost, availability, etc. Thanks Doctor Oz. You actually appear to care about a cure regardless of the who discovers it.

  • Ed Speece says:

    It means that instead of being sick for fifteen days, you will be sick for eleven days, Hydroxychloroquine will cut your sick time to two days for 4% of the cost of Remdesivir.

  • Miyako Smith says:

    So use the expensive drug so us minorities in nyc cant obtain it..

  • Ian N. says:

    How about HCQ cocktail vs Remdesivir study… any results…

  • Rohan M says:

    Looks like it is viro-static & not virucidal.

    Sir pls share ur views on Ivermectin.

  • Larry Richardson says:

    Just 4 days with Remdesivir over a placebo (a Sugar Pill). Wow that sounds like a miracle drug. Haha just kidding. Caught early before a person GETS serious, the Hydroxi-chloroquine works better. Pharmaceutical companies want Remdesivir over Hydroxi-chloroquine ONLY because they can make a lot of money and they can’t with Hydroxi-chloroquine.

  • Anne Laqueyrerie says:

    Pr Raoult has just said in his IHU Méditerranée-Infection YT segment on today, that a chinese study has proven that Remdesivir, conversely to (Hydroxy)chloroquine, gives no benefit whatsoever on the eventual death rate, though antiviral in vitro on this virus:
    Too toxic to be used early, on asymptomatic, or mildly sick patients, it can be given only in grave cases: When the problem is no more the virus, but the immune overreaction, it is inefficient on.
    (Chloroquine still cuts in half the death rate at this late stage, for its immunomodulatory effect, shows another chinese study.)
    Raoult speaks of : “Non existing” drug , about Remdesivir, in this case, thus. But of course for its financial ramifications for Gilead on the Stock market:
    Watch: on twitter @raoult_didier & http://www.mediterranee-infection.com

  • Larry Richardson says:

    Why don’t you quack doctors do a clinical trial with Remdesivir verses Hydroxi-chloroquine instead of Remdesivir vs a Sugar Pill.

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