Dr. Pimple Popper Shares The Types of Pimple You Should Never Pop

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Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee — aka Dr. Pimple Popper — tells us the type of pimple you should never squeeze yourself, and explains how it can damage your skin. Find out the perfect time to pop a pimple.

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  • Beverley Turner says:

    How do you deal with cystic acne

  • LAYAL Azzam says:

    Thank you important info i get confused about pimples but i always say don’t pop

  • Nada Eltoukhey says:

    She is so good at what she dooo❤❤ greetings from egypt🇪🇬🐪

  • Black Beauty says:

    can’t help myself but pop them😫shame on me

  • !BEASTY! says:

    But do I have herpes???

  • Deals N Steals says:

    Love that Pimple Popping Show!!!

  • Mr.Grey says:

    I got many black spots from popping pimples and these spots/scars are not fading away quickly! 😕 I’m having a really hard time 😔. Can someone share their homemade remedy if you also faced a similar situation!?

  • Adnan A says:

    Two of my favorite channels collabing!

  • David John says:

    Permanent treatment?

  • Healthy Things says:

    Do you know there are also friendly foods, you can eat to reduce pimples ?

  • Ryback TV says:

    Whiteheads only.

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