Dr. Oz’s Underwear Test – Best of Oz Collection

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A collection of the top clips from 11 years of the Doctor Oz Shows

Dr. Oz's Underwear Test – Best of Oz Collection

Examining your underwear can determine the state of your health. See the five questions you should ask today about your pair and learn the warning signs and solutions of common conditions.

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  • Elizabeth Ayres says:

    How is it hygienic for everyone to be sitting in the audience feeling their underwear for several minutes straight? Also, fabric softener adds unneeded chemicals to your clothing – stick with a natural detergent.

  • 2028 JC says:

    Don’t add chemical to your washing. Just use baking soda ~

    • chellybabyme says:

      And such BS. The reason why it would have status cling if it was an unnatural material like polyester. Adding more chemical fabric softener on top of chemically plastic underwear won’t help. People should be wearing cotton, silk bamboo Etc

  • Alex Klatt says:

    Did I spy small hearts on Dr. Oz’s underwear? What does this mean???

  • NRKxxASSASSIN says:

    next episode he’s going to make everyone bring 1 pube to the show

  • HeyItsMe says:

    keep up the good work pDKS

  • Michael Mc mullen says:

    A show that is all about everything Jerry Springer loves. Stupid , insipid and focused on the dumb.

  • Ryback TV says:

    Haha, underwear test

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