Dr. Oz’s Personal Battle Against His Mother’s Alzheimer’s

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Dr. Oz's Personal Battle Against His Mother's Alzheimer's

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  • Salma Kamil says:

    Hi Dr.Oz

  • Sarah Davis says:

    We stand together with Alzheimers ❤

  • Brenda Gardner says:


  • careaboutnature says:

    There is severe Alzheimer’s and Dementia in my family. My Grandmother was in her 40’s when she developed symptoms and progressed quite quickly. My Mother had it, also. My Father had dementia, it was very different than my Mother’s symptoms. I am in my 60’s; I have short term memory loss. A definite sign of Alzheimer’s. Would I take the test? I am torn on this. It may be too late for me anyway.

    • yoloduran duran says:

      May God give you the strength you need to deal with whatever comes. I have learned that when a problem is too big then we give it over to Him. God bless you.

  • Lawrence Torres says:

    Did you take the tests Dr. Oz?

  • Ceren Bernatis says:


  • pamela Snellbaker says:

    My Mom has Alzheimer and dementia. It’s very hard on her and me but I manage with Love and patience. Yes I would take the test.

  • Roxane Lk says:

    So funny they are Drs Supposedly saving everyone from issues and his mother Has Alzheimer’s goodnight 😂🤣

  • Carol Benson says:

    So sad. I’ll pray for the family. I know how bad it can get.

  • Maryann McQueen says:

    I totally understand your sadness this is epidemic and needs to be studied so that we can never have to worry about it, i lost my father to this disease

  • Abena T says:

    Dr. Oz, hang in there continue to love, continue to have faith, and appreciate every day you have mom. She may not remember; but you do. Remember for her. May God continue to bless you and mom. 💕

  • Angela Almeida says:

    Yes I would take the test

  • Angela Almeida says:

    Pls let us know when the vaccine is available

  • DoctorOz says:

    Follow Dr. Oz on Instagram 👉 @droz: http://bit.ly/DrOzInstagram

  • Ariella Ryner says:

    My grandmother also in Istanbul died with Alzheimer’s she didn’t know any of us when she died.

  • Darlene Owens says:

    Dr.oz I would do the blood test for alzheimer. My dad ,sister passed of this horrible disease. My dad never remembered me but called me Margaret!!! My name is Darlene. Miss him.thank you my awesome doctor oz .god bless you n your family.

  • 7thLetter Speaks says:

    I’ve been hearing Alzheimers islinked to Sugar, processed foods, and carbs. Some doctors are now calling it Type 3 diabetes. Alzheimers became a phenomenon once we introduced heavily processed foods.

  • Darlene Carman says:

    Dr. OZ you need to get Teeba Snow on your show, she is the expert at dealing with this

  • Suzanne Schulz says:

    My mom died 5 years ago from Alzheimer’s. I would not have blood test. I’m scared and in therapy cause of this. Dr. Oz prayers to you and Keep the faith.

  • R J says:

    My mother died before her time trying to care for my father. My hardest day dealing with my father’s Alzheimer’s was when the nurse said your son is on the phone for you and I hear him say. I don’t have a son. At that moment I knew he was gone. He lived another 2 years till finally the brain just shut down all his organs. But something amazing happened two weeks before. He had a mini-stroke and for a week after he knew who I was with some recall and one morning he was gone again. It was like the brain rewired itself for a few days. I am not going like that. I am making legal arrangments to make sure of it.

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