Dr. Oz’s Fix for Back Fat in Women

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Dr. Oz reveals why women get back fat and what piece of clothing accentuates its appearance.

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  • khadijeh arman says:

    Wthell The Video has NOTHING to do with the title

  • Solvai KT says:

    Who the hell can afford to replace their bras every 6 months?? Those things are friggen expensive.

  • Candy Star says:

    what if you don’t wear that bra that often and I thought he was gonna tell us how to lose the damn back fat! #iamagirlnotjeff

  • yadii mendoza says:

    wtf I didn’t learn how to lose the back fat but for some reason I need to go buy a new bra

  • no says:

    that was kind of bad advice — you’re actually supposed to try on the bra on the biggest hook so that as time goes on and it stretches, you can move to the inner hooks.

  • Arlen Loving Life says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the lady from the audience already had a microphone on already?

  • brainly says:

    a lady from the audience! she already has a mic on!

  • Its fuN says:

    she was obviously an actress. You can tell by how she responded just before he took her on stage. “oh idk i was hoping u could help me figure this out” bs (why the hell would he ask her what caused her back rolls?!) tht was so scripted!

  • BeautifullyCreatedByYAH says:

    How about she’s the only one who had her hand raised-really? Lol

  • BeautifullyCreatedByYAH says:

    And yes bras are expensive as hell. But is it only the bra? I thought we’d see a few exercises too.

  • Betty-Alexandria Pride says:

    I was expecting some type of exercise lol.

  • Lucy Prandlova says:

    So what about the damn fat???????????? 🙁 Didn’t tell me how to “fix” it. Fix to me = gone!

  • Priyanka Sethi says:

    what a joke you started with fat around shoulder then moved on to bra advertisement..nice marketing strategy

  • Samantha Ramsey says:

    OK THIS DID NOT HELP AT ALL!!! I thought it was going to give workouts to get ride of back fat!!!

    • Rxw.i I says:

      It’s actually because of things u eat, exercise won’t lose love handles.

    • L Hughes says:

      @Tori GreeneNot always. At my thinnest with a flat tummy, lifting weights and cardio regularly, the only place on me seeming to hold fat was my back. In my case it seems to be genetic. Not saying it won’t go away but even with targeted exercise it didn’t seem to budge.

    • Mary Lee says:

      And this why I always read the comments first before I go waste my time watching no good videos.

    • Healthy Conscious says:

      lmaoo rightt

    • BETTY MEDERO says:

      I agree Samantha, whether we do it or not in not the point< tori, doesn't know, everyone's story. I do exercise and I can't seem to lose the weight. I drink 14 different medication and I have many medical condition, this is why you have to be , not to easy to judge, not everyone, is LAZY.

  • Hannah Pilo says:

    and there it is. it dint even give a thing how to actually get rid of the fat 👎

  • BLAQ GODYSS says:

    what the hell the bra has to do with back fat??? this is more of a promotion tool for her bra book and bra sells….Dr. Oz not a good look

  • Jen Q says:

    Horrible segment. They made it seem like solutions would be provided. Duh a bra helps but can we get more info. Ps. The bra lady/specialist was lame.

  • FJ Thomas says:

    This was not a “fix;” this was trying to get women to spend more money on bras. This needs to be retitled.

  • Nunnya Benni says:

    Buy a new bra every six months?! That’s the answer?! You’re fired!

  • DestinyC1020 says:

    Okaaaay…I was expecting to hear of some ways to get RID of the back fat just in general… -_- How about showing us how we can be losing some WEIGHT instead of selling us on yet another new bra??? ::frustrated::

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