Dr. Oz’s Fix for Back Fat in Women

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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Dr. Oz reveals why women get back fat and what piece of clothing accentuates its appearance.

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  • khadijeh arman says:

    Wthell The Video has NOTHING to do with the title

  • Solvai KT says:

    Who the hell can afford to replace their bras every 6 months?? Those things are friggen expensive.

  • Candy Star says:

    what if you don’t wear that bra that often and I thought he was gonna tell us how to lose the damn back fat! #iamagirlnotjeff

  • yadii mendoza says:

    wtf I didn’t learn how to lose the back fat but for some reason I need to go buy a new bra

  • no says:

    that was kind of bad advice — you’re actually supposed to try on the bra on the biggest hook so that as time goes on and it stretches, you can move to the inner hooks.

  • Arlen Loving Life says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the lady from the audience already had a microphone on already?

  • brainly says:

    a lady from the audience! she already has a mic on!

  • Its fuN says:

    she was obviously an actress. You can tell by how she responded just before he took her on stage. “oh idk i was hoping u could help me figure this out” bs (why the hell would he ask her what caused her back rolls?!) tht was so scripted!

  • BeautifullyCreatedByYAH says:

    How about she’s the only one who had her hand raised-really? Lol

  • BeautifullyCreatedByYAH says:

    And yes bras are expensive as hell. But is it only the bra? I thought we’d see a few exercises too.

  • Betty-Alexandria Pride says:

    I was expecting some type of exercise lol.

  • Lucy Prandlova says:

    So what about the damn fat???????????? 🙁 Didn’t tell me how to “fix” it. Fix to me = gone!

  • Priyanka Sethi says:

    what a joke you started with fat around shoulder then moved on to bra advertisement..nice marketing strategy

  • Samantha Ramsey says:

    OK THIS DID NOT HELP AT ALL!!! I thought it was going to give workouts to get ride of back fat!!!

  • Hannah Pilo says:

    and there it is. it dint even give a thing how to actually get rid of the fat 👎

  • BLAQ GODYSS says:

    what the hell the bra has to do with back fat??? this is more of a promotion tool for her bra book and bra sells….Dr. Oz not a good look

  • Jen Q says:

    Horrible segment. They made it seem like solutions would be provided. Duh a bra helps but can we get more info. Ps. The bra lady/specialist was lame.

  • FJ Thomas says:

    This was not a “fix;” this was trying to get women to spend more money on bras. This needs to be retitled.

  • Nunnya Benni says:

    Buy a new bra every six months?! That’s the answer?! You’re fired!

  • DestinyC1020 says:

    Okaaaay…I was expecting to hear of some ways to get RID of the back fat just in general… -_- How about showing us how we can be losing some WEIGHT instead of selling us on yet another new bra??? ::frustrated::

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