Dr. Oz’s Coronavirus Survival Protocol 1/2

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  • Amazing Creation says:

    We need to stop eating animals that are known scavengers. Cook meat well done! Wash hands! That would fix most of society health issues! Life of the body is in the blood(Dispose of blood properly=Disease)! (Some people)Stop letting animals lick you on your mouth(Germs). SMH!

  • Slick Whipps says:

    If we wash our hands after we do everything. This would help stop this

  • Travis Kraft says:

    I flew over from Asia a few weeks ago to America and I am loving it here.

  • AHMED FRHAN says:

    a year to find a vaccine?!!!!!!!! man this is too dangerous

  • Barbara Cook says:

    They fail to say that it’s airborne!!!! Supply and demand , who’s getting richer from all this? And yes people should panic!!! SMH

  • Stndsure says:

    We dont need maskes – but the health providers do ???

  • Dragon Steamboat says:

    Relax. Its only dangerous for old and weak people.
    If you fall into that category be careful.
    If your healthy live a normal life.

  • D Clifford says:

    I think what’s on the heels of this virus will be far worse. And it’s not our governments fault with this. Governments cannot fix everything, so people need to participate in their own problem solving. We all knew about this outbreak so could have been proactive on our own. Why do people wait to be told what to do?

    What governments can do is stop cargo ships and travel. They can also ask the CDC to get on it, although the CDC will do this without being told if the funding is there. Otherwise they cannot stop it, and cannot problem solve for every potential scenario.

    A couple of examples of problem solving that I’m in awe of not happening:

    If you see people hoarding toilet paper in a sister Country think for your local suppliers and let them know it’s likely to hit here too….so to not let people come and buy up pallets of these products. They knew,…so why did they let their stores be wiped out by end times groups buying massive amounts of things? Think for your retailers as they have proven they cannot think for themselves until the problem gets quite bad.

    Knowing it hit China – and it’s a new strain should have alerted people to begin taking measures with better hand washing and being more mindful of personal habits. This is common sense. It’s also common sense to know it would be in the States in no time given the transient nature of people. Still….people took cruises and continued to travel because they weren’t told what to do?

    It’s important to take responsibility in here and stop blaming governments for everything.

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