Dr. Oz Shares An Update On His Mother’s Alzheimer’s Disease

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Dr. Oz shares an update how his mother is doing, a special note for caregivers, and Alzheimer’s signs to look out for.

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  • pepper shake says:

    Thank you. My mom has dementia and thankfully we have a team of 3. Couldn’t imagine doing it alone. She has good days and bad days. So hard to see my mom change so much. She took care of my dad who was paraplegic for 30 years along with 4 children and she had to do so many things on her own. A very sad disease

  • Mopar Girl says:

    God bless your Mama!

  • Linda Mann says:

    Thank you Dr. OZ. As a caregiver for my Dad with Dementia, I see way too often ppl in denial or not wanting to truly recognize their parents warning signs. I always try to offer my knowledge and convey my sometimes harrowing times dealing with this awful disease, while watching your loved one slowly deteriorate from who they were. My best wishes for your Mom’s health and for your strength.

  • Shelley Maxwell Channel says:

    We care. Thanks for the share.

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