Dr. Oz & Mark Wahlberg Take Their Breakfast Feud to the Gym

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Dr. Oz & Mark Wahlberg Take Their Breakfast Feud to the Gym

After an ongoing, heated Instagram feud over whether or not you should eat breakfast, Dr. Oz and Mark Wahlberg finally face off in the gym to settle their big debate. Who will win?

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  • TruthJusticePeace says:

    Wahlberg and Oz? Hells ya!

  • Edmund Singleton says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is fifty-two and David Spade is fifty-five, of
    the two, who among them can best benefit from a good hair dye treatment to
    better their television careers?

  • Linda Bohannon says:

    You two are hilarious. I do think you are doing great Dr Oz for being so fit.

  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    great content bro

  • RealTalk Z says:

    Push ups….I dont think so

  • Abu Huraira says:

    I don’t know much about going to gym but I truly love sleep
    It’s like a time machine to breakfast

  • Officialshehroze K says:

    How old are you doctor oZ?

  • B Ford says:

    VERY interesting that Mark had a leaky gut from too much PROTEIN. I have never heard that. 🤔🤔

  • KV J says:

    This perfectly shows one size does not fit all regarding a persons weight.

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