Dr. Oz & Mark Wahlberg Take Their Breakfast Feud to the Gym – Part 2

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Dr. Oz & Mark Wahlberg Take Their Breakfast Feud to the Gym – Part 2

After an ongoing, heated Instagram feud over whether or not you should eat breakfast, Dr. Oz and Mark Wahlberg finally face off in the gym to settle their big debate. Who will win?

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  • Iam Dejj says:


  • soli Sanchez says:

    Mark admitted that tests revealed that he had leaky gut syndrome. He said he had been feeling sluggish at the end of the day. Even as he ate those 7 meals of protein everyday.

  • Dan Illahi says:

    The world strongest man.
    I eat a lot and my son eats the same.
    Me: WHAT?!

  • Deon Go healthy says:

    Mark, going to try your workout?with positive thoughts…..I can do it.

  • Deon Go healthy says:

    I tried Wahlberg’s burgers…In Atlanta…Wow! it was amazing.

  • Dc Seattle says:

    2:11 What time does he romance the wife? (not mentioned in vid)

  • A Watson says:

    That is a seriously disciplined daily schedule. Very impressive!!!!

  • Marci M says:

    Impossible schedule for a person who slaves a 40+ hr work week to maintain normal life stability. Would be nice tho.

  • Kaneda 1 says:

    It’s nice to be rich.

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:


  • Violet Rain says:

    I really loved this. I’ve always wondered about Mark’s workout and eating routine even though I’m a woman. I like that fasted workouts were reinforced here, because they’ve been working wonders for me. Stubborn pounds that refused to budge are coming off, and my binge eating is under control as long as I’m keeping up with my morning workouts.

  • LA K. says:

    As a former BB, I think 2 workouts in a day are complete nonsense. Pick one. Invest your time into your family or faith for the second. Also, your protein intake is…not good. U need to drop some of the meat and go more plant based. But…your workouts are SICK my friend, just, for anyone, dont loose yourself in your love if working out and taking the time from what is REALLY important…those people around you. Blessings 🐾πŸ₯°

  • Candle Kane says:

    A) Mark is over exercising to an unhealthy degree. It is like an addiction. If a female exercised this much she’d be accused of having an eating disorder. B) Intermittent fasting is yet another diet fad and I am SO sick of it. For YEARS doctors and nutritionists would say “breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day”. They would stress this TO DEATH. About how what we eat when we wake up fuels our body throughout the day. And how if we ate too small of a breakfast it would cause us to overeat later on. Now suddenly we are to fast instead? The polar opposite of what has been said to us for decades. These people have no clue.

    • Violet Rain says:

      They’re really talking about fasted workouts. They shouldn’t have called it intermittent fasting even though that’s an aspect of it. Fasted workouts really work if people can discipline themselves to workout as soon as they wake up.

    • 98 Superstar says:

      Candle Kane I agree with you.breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.if you wake up in the morning and you re hungry,you gotta eat,otherwise,you will get gas nausea indigestion and migraine headaches,I eat breakfast every single day because I don’t want my migraines to return,I have had them since age 12 and I am 46 years old now,in 2018,I was finally able to completely eradicate the migraines,there is no way I m gonna allow myself to be hungry,no way,migraines are an unbearable torture and really take their toll on your entire body,and they have killed many people,i m sorry,but having a solid six pack at all times is not worth it,unless you have a death wish…

  • told smith says:

    chickpeas on keto diet SMDH!!!

  • Shondra Britton says:

    Love this! Thank you πŸ™πŸ»

  • katerina z says:

    omggggg thats so true not long after getting clean 9 years ago my flat start3d being broken into other druggies did huge c4imes which i was set up for the removalists stole my clothes 20 bags id saved for if i ever got clesn 0lus a diagnosis still they broke in till a few months ago when i put triple layed padlocks on the doors with chains noone can pick them i have so many enemies dont even know who they all are

  • katerina z says:

    love this show been off ciggys 24days am on metphormin for now so not gaining but not shedding feeling inspired after seeing this thanku

  • bellanasable says:

    This is too much. He’s destroying his body

  • Pretty Allah V NamastiQue says:

    Good vibrations bwoy lol! Love you Marky Mark.

  • Mine Mine says:

    Doktor nasyl zayiflayim.karnim şişyo yemek yesem gaz olyo.

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