Dr. Oz Investigates The New Robocalls Scam

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Dr. Oz investigates the new robocalls to watch out for and the lengths scammers will go to access your personal information and steal your money.

Were You Scammed By A Robocall? We want to hear from you! Use the form below to share your story!

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  • Abu Huraira says:

    It’s the curiosity that pulls the people into the scam

  • B FOSTER says:

    My elderly neighbor and my elderly mother in law have been scammed.

  • Karen Latham says:

    They do text and email scams also. I got one not long ago saying that they were taking $1,400 that I approved out of my account for Internet security… Of course they would have a hard time doing that as there’s about $5 in my account.. I’m assuming what they were wanting me to do is call them and tell them “oh no I didn’t approve this” and give my information to them..

  • giselle joseph says:

    I use to get strange calls but we have to be careful

  • Ebony Rorie says:

    When they do call my phone, I pick up and say stop calling my phone scam artist. Lol they been it so many time, different numbers a couple of time they said back f..k you. Lol or you dum bi..h. lol of f..k. my reply ,stop calling my phone scam artist. Or if they still try to convince me they not I hang up,but usually when I do say scam artist, they hang up,or say fu.k me,or still try to convince me they not. Lol

  • Everything Bakery says:

    Omg people just learn NOT to answer numbers you don’t know ! If it’s someone you know and want to talk to they will leave you a message. NEVER CALL ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW BACK. Apple/Microsoft/Social Security/ Medicare/ IRS will NEVER CALL YOU ! To protect your parents or elderly family members put all wanted contacts in favorites and turn on DO NOT DISTURB that way their phone will not ring unless it’s a personal call. People slow down and NO MATTER WHAT THE PERSON ON THE OTHER END SAYS NEVER NEVER give your personal information and God grief Don’t give Anyone money over the phone.

  • Amber F says:

    I have gotten all these calls. I probably shouldn’t do this…but I mess with these people. I tell them to come and arrest me…they usually cuss me out. I detest these people.

  • DoctorOz says:

    Were You Scammed By A Robocall? We want to hear from you! Use the form below to share your story! http://bit.ly/drozrobocall

  • Toophless One says:

    I keep a Visa Gift card on my desk just for the phone scammers. I let them take me down the rosy path until they finally start asking for my charge card number. I not only provide them with all of the information (the gift card only has $0.05 left on it), but I provide them with phone number that I say is my land line. I don’t feel comfortable talking with them on my cell phone. The number I provide is the San Francisco office of the FBI…enjoy

    Sometimes when I know its a scam call, I use my best East Indian accent to say, “Thank you for calling Hewlett Packard Customer Service, how may I be of assistance please”?…it always throws them off

  • MTS BOUR says:

    am not even american and I know the IRS doesn’t call you to pay on the phone

  • Pennylane is Almost famous says:

    Part 2 ????

  • audra lariscy says:

    i had gotten two from the ssi place the first one stated that there was a activity on my ssi number and 24 hours later my husband had gotten the exact same call and then three days later i had gotten a call from the same caller stating that my ssi number was used in south west texas at the texas / mexico boarder. i knew they were all scams cause i never been to texas

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