Dr Oz Introduces System 20 – New Plan to Take Control of Your Health In 2020

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System 20 – Lose 20 Lbs With These Excercises & Take Control of Your Health In 2020

Dieting is dead; that’s my definitive verdict going into the new decade. I want you to forget fad diets that promise quick results and are hard to manage, and instead take your health into your own hands in 2020. That’s why I created a new plan called System 20. Through a full-body approach — healthy eating, sleep monitoring, manageable exercise, and mental health check-ins — System 20 is a total lifestyle change that goes beyond weight loss.

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  • Nadifa Nuur says:

    I lke 2020

  • S Jo says:

    Umm but isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?

  • Deborah Kennedy says:

    Looks suspicially like an infomercial…

    My take? If you only eat one double stuff Oreo, one small bag of chips, or one brownie, per day… just multiply times 365 for a year’s growth around your waistline.

    No brainer…

    It’s not called a “break day”, peeps!


    3 meals a day, 30 days a month = 90 meals a month, right?

    If you totally blow off 9 meals per month, you’re still in the 90% of eating clean for the month, and still get a grade of 90% – an “A”!

    So, if you stay the course, just give yourself 1-2 totally blow-it meals per week.

    Done deal. 💖⚘

  • Deborah Kennedy says:

    As my Pastor always said from the pulpit:

    If the input
    Exceeds the output,
    The upkeep
    Will be the downfall…


  • Deborah Kennedy says:

    That would be 8 meals per month, 2 per week.

    Telling you, it’s not worth it, peeps.

  • Furphy says:

    Sounds Like Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body Diet

  • Dotcomnieuws says:

    Old wine in new bags……

  • adcinco 7 says:

    Real proteins for humans.are the beans.

  • Mambo Rasco says:

    Interesting, do some instapot or slow cooker recipies for this diet.

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