Dr. Oz Gets Tested For His Alzheimer’s Risk

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Dr. Oz takes us along the extensive Alzheimer’s testing he underwent after his mother’s diagnosis. Then, the director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medicine, Dr. Richard Isaacson, reveals Dr. Oz’s test results.

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  • Gurudra - Mental Health And Emotional Wellbeing says:

    Mental health needs a great deal of attention ) it’s the final taboo that needs to be faced and dealt with )

  • Gavin Henare says:

    Wish I could meet you so u, doctors here dont no anything but u no everything

  • Rosa Silva says:

    I hope evrything goes perfect wish you God blesses you always with health

  • Abrar Mohammed says:

    سلام دكتور انا ما اعرف انجليزي افهم شويه شويه سوي نسخه عربي لو سمحت

  • Lucy Lanuchi says:

    What tests can I ask my doctor to perform for this.

  • suzanne schulz says:

    This was so great I appreciate this cause I have a learning disability, I wonder how I do on cognitive tests.

  • Diane N says:

    alzheimer’s prevention begins in the womb.. that got deep real quick.

  • Mae M says:

    💛 🤗 〰👍👍〰 🤗 💛
    ” Dr. Oz, thanks for sharing your personal medical tests and recommendations with your viewers. It is written in the Bible that God will bless those who bless others so I know that He shall bless you ! “

  • LiS Wright says:

    I didn’t know there was a test!

  • Happy Chana Wana says:

    Cholesterol high increases chance of Alzheimer’s… Not so. The brain is mostly fat and needs cholesterol to function optimally

  • Claire Padron says:

    How much is the test for that?

  • Gayle Mora says:

    I don’t believe that if your fat your memory goes. I’m 67 and I’m so alert

  • KelleyDon Patterson says:

    Do you think the wto in conjunction with the Monsanto Corp. use of growth hormones, and other substances in our food has something to do with this disease?

  • DSG says:

    There was one thing Dr Oz said that I found very misleading.

    He said he didn’t need to worry about alzheimers for another 20 years.

    Unfortunately that is totally incorrect, there is such a thing as young/early onset alzheimers.

    People in their 50s get it, with some as young as 30.

  • mamaknows says:

    3 people we personally knew with alzheimer’s. All 3 had very low cholesterol numbers. One lady weighed 90 lbs, 154 cholesterol just before her diagnosis. An aunt by marriage very slightly over weight by 10 lbs 170 cholesterol. Another tiny friend bone thin, cholesterol 157, she weighed 105 lbs at diagnosis. 2 of these still ‘living’ neither recognize or know anyone. One passed after 15 years. When our best friend started showing same signs as his mom with alzheimer’s, he was put on organic coconut oil 1/4 cup a day for several months. Suddenly, within a few weeks he was back to his old self. He’s also on B vitamins, minerals and a good diet. They use coconut oil to cook and in many recipe’s. He isn’t taking as much coconut oil a day. The brain is made of fat. Every hormone in the body gets made from cholesterol. We’ve applied these same things and dont worry cholesterol hits 190 to 220. All 3 women were on a statin drug for several years. Coincidence, maybe but our almost 80 yr old coconut oil friend refused to take statins.

  • Gorgeous Baby says:

    ” Tiny prick “??? 🤭 🤭 Naughty nurse….

    God bless Dr Oz. He has blessed many of us with information.

  • Fatima Brunt says:

    You be ok doctor OZ we love you. Salam

  • Mel Graner1 says:

    Dr Oz! You have delightfully bye blue eyes!!!!! Who would’ve thought!

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    These are est are excellent. Is it covered by Insurance?

  • Queen Alice Kingsley says:

    Im 52 and was diagnosed with Dementia about 2 years ago, finding tools to help is the only way I can function in the world right now, sucks, emotionally sucks, anxiety fight is everyday. Just keep swimming…..

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