Dr. Oz Explains What a Sugar Binge Does to Your Body

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Dr. Oz describes how a sugar binge affects your liver, intestines, and pancreas. Plus, he gives tips on how to start cutting sweets out of your diet.

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  • saalu home Trichy says:

    Sir hello am Hanifa advocate Trichy Tamilnadu south india.big fan of yours.please how to reduce my obesity.am 110 kg 40 age

  • Helen A.J says:

    I was thinking about cutting back on suger then this notification popped up.

  • Dr. Matthew Nuesse D.C. CME says:

    Glad to see Dr. Oz getting on the bandwagon of eliminating morning carbs. This is a technique we have used with our patients to keep insulin levels low and help them lose weight. Great stuff!

  • saalu home Trichy says:

    In my home town i can’t get asparagus

  • saalu home Trichy says:

    Instead what i eat

  • D Fr33 Spirited1 says:

    3:28 did she just say “it’s just carbohydrates the next day?” After Dr Oz spent 5 minutes explaining away to stay away from carbs lol 😬😂

  • L C says:

    Im happy to see Doctor Oz stand up and give advice on healthy eating. So many Doctors are still telling people refined carbs ok, they tell this to people with Diabetes, not to mention all the other diseases linked to insulin resistance. These same doctors are giving big pharma all kinds of business while the patients are dieing from all these prescription drugs. When will people wake up!!!!!

  • Gayle Mora says:

    My son in law went on a low carb diet. It worked for losing a lot of weigh BUT he ended up in the hospital cuz his gull bladder bursted

  • Your Next Body says:

    Love this,
    Cutting back on Sugar is a part of almost all of our conversations whether it processed or natural.

  • True2Live says:

    Me watching this while eating a cookie 🍪 😆

  • ChiTwnCutie says:

    Makes sense. Great advice! Thank you.

  • Laura X says:

    This made perfect sense

  • Jolly Puff says:

    Lol she’s so resistant to being healthy

  • TraceguyRune says:

    I do Intermittent Fasting. So I eliminate everything at breakfast.

  • Larry Putra says:

    yes he is right 🙂


    Thanks DOC!

  • Lili Garcia says:

    I love dcr Oz u are the best☺️

  • THCB Spotlights says:

    “Today will never come, if you keep putting it off until tomorrow” “patience is a virtue, but procrastination is a killer” #THCBspotlight

  • Healthy Things - Breaking News says:

    It is really good cutting back on sugar. Some sugars may also increase the risks of cancer. I am also very interested in healty food and spices. Have a nice day 🙂

  • Dee Nubian Queen says:

    I tried losing weight for four years, trying different diets… nothing worked until I removed processed sugars and high carb foods from my diet. I lost almost 50 pounds without exercising and kept it off😁😊😊

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