Dr. Oz, Dog and Moon on Why She Moved Her Clothes Into Beth’s Closet

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  • بروك says:

    Clearly he loved Beth so much but why is he dating so soon? It just seems so disloyal. Yeah yeah yeah, everyone’s different and grieves in their own way, it’s his life, there’s no set grieving time before moving on blah blah blah…but guess what, that’s still my opinion. He needs time to grieve ALONE (romantically alone, that is). I think he’s unhealthily trying to fill the empty void Beth left. She was larger than life. This isn’t the way to go about it.

    • ace P says:

      He’s definitely trying to fill a void but I personally don’t judge him for it because he’s human and he’s hurting. I would personally wait longer as well. I think that a *wonderful* (keyword) relationship can sometimes helps you heal in ways you couldn’t on your own. I hope she is good for and to him and has good feelings regarding Beth. Best wishes to him

    • ace P says:

      Wait… She was a longtime friend… k that’s weird

  • Tim Stein says:

    lol wow she seems like a real catch.

  • Erin McG says:

    There’s no fool like an old fool!

  • Chance Briggs says:

    Poor man.

  • Bunny Bubs says:

    Is this a scripted “ reality” joke ? These people are all nuts

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