Dr Oz Challenges Cameron Diaz to a Drinking Contest – Best Celebrity Guests

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Dr Oz Challenges Cameron Diaz to a Drinking Contest – Best Celebrity Guests

A few years ago, Cameron Diaz revealed the one thing she does every morning. Today, Dr. Oz welcomes her back to the show and challenges her to repeat that same ritual with him on set.

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  • Dnews लोक शाही चा दम says:

    Ii like channel

  • Amanda Battison says:

    Go cameran

  • Bass Town Ncs says:

    lovely <3

  • Bass Town Ncs says:

    amazing video

  • Ms. Payton says:

    I miss drinking 30oz. water straight like that every morning. This baby in my belly allows me to take sips now, otherwise I’ll get super nauseous 😢😂

  • Gaelle Maz says:

    What is the point?

  • Eddiba Ghiz says:

    It is not healthy to drink all at once.

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Eat healthy food
    Stay active
    Drink plenty of water
    Drinking water is like taking a shower on the inside of your body

    • Jacqueline Payne says:

      @Abu Huraira
      It’s natures natural cleanse. Flushes our toxins, the kidneys, liver, your 🩸 blood.

      Your WHOLE BODY benefits from water. Not coffee☕️, tea 🍵 or juice🧃. If you craving soda it’s because you’re dehydrated and are not eating properly.

  • Lizzy Afonso says:

    Water is absolutely amazing for your skin!! So drink your H2O

  • Emma M says:

    Pointless in her doing that. The water will not get absorbed and will not hydrate her, she will just pee it out. Drinking it through the day is much better for your body and makes it easier to be absorbed for hydration. It’s not good to fill your body with so much water all in one go

  • XimerTracks - Sub To Me says:

    Nice work. Don’t stop. let’s build each other up (:

  • Jenny Fogleman says:

    I used to do this, but it always came up. Obviously she doesn’t have gastroparesis. Lol

  • Allie Salas says:

    Dirnking water y’all

  • 702thomas says:

    So r we just gonna ignore the botox?

  • حنان الشيف says:

    And i was trying to drink water today and i feel thirsty now

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