Dr. Oz and Lark Voorhies On The Voices In Her Head

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Dr. Oz and Lark Voorhies On The Voices In Her Head

"I have to admit I did feel a bit slighted and hurt."

"Saved by the Bell" star Lark Voorhies joins me Wednesday to discuss her mental health, as well as her feelings about not being included in an upcoming reboot of the show.

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  • Abigail Quezada says:

    She’s a strong woman for opening up. Bless her

  • bakeem95 says:

    I rebuke every negative energy and force that has come upon your life however continue to remain steadfast fighting with your shield of armor knowing that your best is still yet to come….to God be the glory for his awesome amazing power

  • Adrienne M says:

    This is so sad. I wish her the very best

  • Yvng x Faded says:

    Dr oz is a real 1 for getting her help instead of exploiting her for ratings or views years ago 💯godbless her ❤

    • Shakrat Dosunmu says:

      He is a real doctor before being a TV star. He is still sworn to the hippocratic oath and has a conscience.

    • Michael D. Williams III says:

      Yvng x Faded I agree less exploitive then how Dr. Phil has come across to me in recent years on his talk show/platform…

    • Priscilla Marcia says:

      Darryl Brooks there is a huge difference between exploiting someone when they are at their worse and actually helping someone. To me they are giving her a voice and allowing her to share her story to 1)inform others 2)help/give hope to others who may be suffering from same or similar fate. This man not only got her the help she needed he brought her mother in. Compared to all the other interviews she has had these past years where she was clearly not her right state of mind and they interviewed her and aired it.

    • Joey Aloha Healing Zone says:

      @Darryl Brooks Exactly! When anything is recorded, televised, or showcased to the public, it’s exploitation. Those who are truly genuine about helping people, do it without an audience.

    • 9 9 says:

      Yvng x Faded right! Dr. Phil would have pushed her out in a straight jacket. 🧥 ☹️

  • Serendipidy Me says:

    I don’t know her personally but I’m proud of her for coming out with her story and being brave. Mental illnesses are real and I hope and pray she gets better.

  • Maria Ocasio says:

    She still doesn’t look all there.. my prayers are with her

  • 357CLOUDY Black Feather says:

    I wish her the best.
    We’ve seen this movie over and over.
    Child actors are always have problems with some sicko adults using them and treating them like prey.
    You know…

  • J Truth says:

    Unfortunately you see this too many times with child stars.

    • Erica Jordan says:

      I agree! It makes me wonder what is really going in in Hollywood with these kids….. were they too young to handle the high and lows or is it something else🤔

    • SParkApCider says:

      Most adults have managed their care by the time we see them. In Lark’s case she was once a child actor, but had a successful adult career until almost 30, when she faded.

    • J Truth says:

      @SParkApCider Demi lovato, McCauley Culkin, Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Orlando Brown, Lindsay Lohan, River Phoenix, I can go on and on, but just a handful of successful child actors who grew up to have and deal with mental health issues, addictions, and other disorders that most children have not nor will not struggle with when they get older. Children need to be children, not working adults when they’re 5 years old.

  • lisa houk says:


  • Chlero's eyes says:

    She not right yet , you can see it in her eye movements

  • DJ REALIGN says:

    That Hollywood is something else but i pray with her

  • Maya Brown says:

    She is not well. This is to invasive and personal for TV.

    • Angela Alston says:

      @Lisa Money I agree with you for a long time parents have kept mental illness a serect. Not tell their children and when their children are not feeling well. They go to the doctor and have No Clue of their family history which is Very Important when being diagnosed by the medical profession

    • Yvonne Blake says:

      Maya Brown It is a blessing that Dr. Oz got her a doctor to help her with her disorder!

    • TheBrownIsland says:

      @The Hitman He was in a very Dark Mental place at that time and ended up in the Hospital. People were Worried about Martin. Glad he Got the help he needed.

    • Nehemia Mokgaliphe says:

      Well my bf started cheating on me and I had to choose myself and stop the relationship. So now am going for therapy its hard but atleast am trying.

    • Aaron Brown Jr says:

      Well someone have to be be brave enough to bring awareness and information about Mental Health or medical conditions that she currently have! I stand by her and salute her! For her honesty and bravery! Hiding everything in the closet will have so many people ignorant to a of situations! Information and education is key to combat illness and sickness! Thank God Dr Oz did not try to exploit it this young lady and sought out help and treatment!

  • madame paka says:

    they had reunions/meet-ups before the reboot and NOBODY bothered to check in on her? now, i’m side-eyeing the cast too!

    • mstcherie13 says:

      It’s keeping up appearances, that’s life. It’s not good though, how can you be around people for so long and just ignore/isolate someone. That is so sad to me

    • SParkApCider says:

      @Maldives Baby but she denies it, so there’s that

    • SParkApCider says:

      She’s been lost for many years, even to denying she ever dated Mark. Her personal life is not her former castmates responsibility. Lark was so lost she was not listening to her mother, couldn’t it be they tried but failed?

    • SParkApCider says:

      @mstcherie13 they were all kids on a show, not family. They all moved on to become adult actors. The few with down spiraling careers still managed to find their footing. Lark, had one of the most successful careers following that show.

    • Nikita Watkins says:

      Because if you’re mentally unstable how r u gonna function appropriately and professionally in a public setting especially for national television meaning she’s a liability

  • Snags Hunt says:

    Please post positive comments for Lark
    — support her and wish her the best; mental illness/depression is serious.

  • Super Awesome says:

    its such a shame to see my childhood stars go through mental illnesses and breakdowns.

  • Amberielle T says:

    I remember her as the real girlfriend in the movie “How to be a Player!” She was so pretty and had the cutest clothes in that movie. So sad that she had to deal with this. Prayers for her and healing vibes!

  • shAy Brown says:

    May our HEAVENLY FATHER continue to Bless her, i am glad she’s talking about it but she’s clearly not well🙏🙏🙏, much love to you hunni.

  • ig_s_b ib says:

    Beauty. She’s well. She works on herself each and everyday I’m sure and Dr. Oz seemed to be very caring. I’m so upset that they didn’t invite her back to film reboot or whatever those shows are called. Her other cast mates? What the heck! I wish they would have stood up for her like that Elizabeth lady. She went through hard times with that silly movie she made. Got a lot of criticism but she came through. Mario Lopez I’m disappointed in you. Step up someone and say if u don’t hire all of us back then none of us work. I mean are you guys that desperate for money? Shows gonna get cancelled anyway. People don’t watch tv like before. I really hope I haven’t offended anyone but geez guys come on. This beautiful lady is trying her best to stay afloat in life and y’all seemed to turn your head and look the other way.

  • Juliano Huerta says:

    I hope she gets through what she’s dealing with. She seems like a lovely woman.

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