Dr. Oz and Lark Voorhies On Her Feelings Towards Her Castmates

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Dr. Oz and Lark Voorhies On Her Feelings Towards Her Castmates

The missing "Saved By The Bell" Star speaks out on mental illness and feeling shunned by her castmates

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  • Violet Rain says:

    What jerk edited this and cut her off when she wasn’t even finished with her sentence?

  • Dread Head says:

    I hope she gets all the help she needs 🙏🏿

  • franko6677 says:

    She has been struggling with mental health issues for years but she seems like a good person who doesn’t deserve to be shunned by her old castmates. I’m sure we don’t know the full story, but I think all they needed to do was give her the opportunity to have a small part on the show, a few lines here and there. Instead it seems like they are scared of having anything to do with her because of her mental health struggles, and that just isn’t right. They left her out of that reunion sketch on Jimmy Fallon a few years ago too.

  • Tania Munoz says:

    Why did they cut it 😡

  • W C says:

    36 seconds? really?! 😒

  • Orangeflava says:

    Why even upload this?? Wheres her full response??

  • Melissa Vidal says:

    I have depression and anxiety 🙂Thank you for speaking out 🙂I really hope dr Oz calls some people and I get to see you in SAVED BY THE BELL😁you will always be Lisa turtle to me 😊stay strong

  • kiathadiva7 says:

    Wtf is the point of the video

  • Stargaze Stargaze says:

    Quit exploiting this woman! You can see that she’s ill!! Why do this??

  • 6346 green says:

    No black girls allowed.

  • yulianachavez says:

    she seems hurt when he asked her the question. wish her well.

  • Kate Lee says:

    Okay… your video was to tell us about what?

  • Sula Green says:

    She seems to be suffering from aphasia, which is a disorder when people lose the ability to use language properly. People can lose vocabulary, or the ability to order words in a sentence properly.

  • N!kii A. says:

    Where’s the rest of the show?

  • Steven Bramley says:

    Im no doctor, but shes struggling about the castmates, i think she has trouble being herself and easier being HER character…I dont know, but shes still struggling and dont look good and not sitting close 2 her mom, prob cause they arent close…:(

  • Lexy Lew says:

    I hope they reach out to her. She didn’t have a bad thing to say and that’s noble. You go girl!

  • WAlkONRebel says:

    This is so sad

  • Koka Kola says:

    All I have to ask is where is mr belding?

  • smck 2016 says:

    I think Dustin is the only one who has any time for Lark nowadays and he too has been shunned for obviously different reasons. I respect Dustin for that though loved his and Larks onscreen chemistry. 💗

  • I Love says:

    I want to say shame on them for not including her but on the other hand I can understand that most people may not know how to deal with that part of her…but sometimes…its the thought that counts and a simple invite may have been soothing to her soul. OR they could have set up through her Mom or something.

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