Dr. Oz and Jon Gosselin Discuss The Divorce Process and The Networks Involvement

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Dr. Oz and Jon Gosselin Discuss The Divorce Process and The Networks Involvement

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  • Sponge Bob says:

    yall gotta get a room

  • nona buisness says:

    Rarely do I side with the woman it’s 8 kids food college n such this dude is way too right-brained literally u trying to drive the into poverty for what emotional good food n life come 1st u better have more because you sound like a little bich made right now

  • nona buisness says:

    You couldn’t handle cameras you know who else could literally every woman on TV got less balls then them midgets n jo jo siwa

  • Precious Loves Lopez says:

    Good interview! Gotta see the entire thingđź–’

  • Hilly Hills says:

    Once every episode was them on vacation something smelled fishy to me.

  • Laura Worthington says:

    He has a very good story and explanation. However, he has had 10 years so who knows if it is the truth. However, I will say that from the half of the interview I have seen, Dr. Oz gave him every chance to rip Kate apart, and he seemed to mostly take the high road. Watch the part that is on this channel and judge for yourself, but he makes some good points and has some good explanations of a few things.

  • Lisa Bafundo says:

    Where is the entire episode?

  • Donna Watkins says:

    I believe his side from the very beginning. I didn’t believe the rags that wrote about him. You could tell that Kate was hooked on the limelight.

  • Smile Big says:

    I remember when he kicked the tic crew out

  • Manny Two face says:

    Where’s the full episode!!!!

  • Linda Furr says:

    If you watched the show for even 5 minutes, you would have seen how controlling she was. She didn’t treat him like a partner but as another child! How dare he not mind her!

  • Tanya J. says:

    Is the whole interview available to watch ?

  • blueshinystar says:

    Hes such a victim and making her out to be a bad guy when this show first started he was a follower he was afraid of everything-the kids, her, and he worked alot its a typical marriage situation and you either fail or succeed in it or you more than likely outgrow eachother — plain and simple.

  • Randi Romero says:

    Good interview. I hope things work out better for Jon and his kids

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