Dr. Oz and Jessica Simpson Discuss Her Signing A Prenup with Nick Lachey

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Dr. Oz and Jessica Simpson Discuss with Dr. Oz Her Signing A Prenup with Nick Lachey

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  • alyssa nowak says:

    Really?? We needed to hear this omg🥴🙄

  • alyssa nowak says:

    Cringe scary laugh

  • E Walters says:

    There is no substance to her – and why r we talking about this they have been divorced for years.

  • erin corinne says:

    She got the last laugh tho cuz she worth way more than him. Who is nick Lachey 😂😂😂

  • Ana Ismail says:

    Jessica, we are all dumb when we get married so young. Congratulations, on your recovery u look amazing!🤗

  • Crystal Fyffe says:

    I think Dr.Oz is my new favorite talk show host…..#1#1#1#1

  • Deidra B says:

    I love Jessica lol if you’ve ever watched her and nick reality show years ago, her personality always been like this. She so sweet and so down to earth.

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