Dr. Oz and Corey Feldman On Living in Fear

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Dr. Oz and Corey Feldman On Living in Fear

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  • Del says:

    Hey Corey and Dr. Oz. I’m going to pause this for a little bit so I can finish watching a video that is in another tab. I’ll let that person know that I am going to watch their video but I will get back to this tab when that video is done. I have a few other videos open in other tabs as well that I need to finish but I’ll be back to finish this video soon.

  • psyNadya psyNadya says:

    He has always said Michael Jackson never molested him but there were other powerfull who did in Hollywood. So I can understand some are afraid to come forward. Sexual abuse is about power

  • North of the Rio Grande says:

    “Every studio in Hollywood is built on the blood of children.” -Mel Gibson

  • Linda York says:

    He’s broke now you need money

  • Professor Terguson says:

    Walk with God. Leave the fear behind.

  • Bella Linda says:

    I believe Corey.

  • Am rose says:

    Well he got alot to protect his kid. Though though those pedo people are watching him now with his documentary. He probably just heck if my life is threatened they all going down.

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Never trust your fears
    They don’t know your strength

  • Melissa Seng says:

    He made a promise to Corey Haim, I get that; however, a one time pay per view event seen around the world – is it really to out the abusers or is it partially about the money he’ll make from this? Don’t get me wrong, I grew up watching the Coreys. It is just a little unsettling to me because Corey Haim died ten years ago. Maybe I missed a few details but why now? I know it’s the anniversary of Corey Haim’s death but I don’t know – just isn’t sitting right to me.

    • Violet Rain says:

      He has a family to support. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to him.

    • Kelly Skull says:

      Are u kidding?!!! Everything he has said makes sense! ‘They’ have been trying to silence him forever and good on him for standing up and trying to out these pedo bastards

    • Cody Chavarria says:

      What do you mean why now? This dude has been sayin things way back in 93 when they were asking him in the Michael Jackson disposition tapes about the Jordan Chandler fake accusations made up by the dead which there is a recording of the dead talking about making the false accusation because Michael wood and given the money that he needed or talk to any of his connections to make a movie and the dude was in huge debt. Anyhow Corey Told the police and gave them a list they ignored it and focused on Michael Jackson even further but those names to aside and lost them are one have you into evidence. For the more he has been talking about this for years and years and years they industry as lead the regular people not believe the hype but the hype is real. But the focus continues to be Michael Jackson Michael Jackson which is totally innocent on all accusations even the made up lie never land crab with Robson takes 5 minutes to do the research in those guys are just straight up wires all the way through that entire fake movie. Meanwhile Harvey Weinstein ,epstein and many others are be in saved

    • Melissa Seng says:

      Violet Rain I’m not doubting it happened at all. The way he’s publicly going to present it is what’s not sitting well.

    • Melissa Seng says:

      Kelly Skull I agree. Look at my response to violet. I’m sure it happened not doubting that at all.

  • Christina Neily says:

    Why was this only 1 minute long?

  • Carol Benson says:

    Wasn’t he on Dr. OZ a while back?

  • Gloria Silvers says:

    Put up or shut up!! So over him!!

  • Violet Rain says:

    The amount of people on here calling Corey a liar is sickening. He has been speaking out for years on this, and it’s an issue that keeps getting ignored.

    • too many humans says:

      @S. G Cory has gotten zero compensation. Where did you hear he was gaining monetarily from exposing the pedophilia in hollywood? If you don’t believe this is happening , you are the idiot. It is common knowledge amongst those who make a point to be informed as well as the victims! And, you victimize these kids all over again by saying he won’t speak out. HE HAS!!! You kid don’t seem to understand how the world works..If you .live as long as I have you will know that the truth is ugly….and something few can handle

    • too many humans says:

      @Mischief MakerStudios This hollywood child molestation is a well known fact to those who have researched it fully. I’m old. I have to know about stuff…..Corey, both Corey’s were molested by many in the scene….It’s been going on for decades as well as in the Vatican and other places. COMMON knowledge amongst the informed. Please give these people some respect.

    • Wanda Bonefont says:

      @S. G INDEED

    • Madison Roberts says:

      @S. G I’m sorry but they have been talking about it for years. And even if they named the people who abused them it wouldn’t of done anything to help others.. because in America your innocent until proven guilty.. it would of been a they said they said situation. So unfortunately talking about it is all they can do. And considering who they are (famous) they can’t just slander someone else’s name without proof. The only thing they can do is talk about it like they have been and hope that victims will come out while the abuse is still happening. Hollywood is a completely different story and situation then if it was happening to us. I think it’s funny you called someone a snowflake tho. I always find it funny when someone who comment on someone else’s post is calling them a snowflake your clearly the snowflake to comment in the first place. .

    • S. G says:

      @too many humans harvey was just found guilty. Cosby guilty. Its a new era. Go wave your cape for those kids with no voices despite adults standing by waiting for a payout to help.

  • Blu luu says:

    It’s weird seeing him not a teen from the 80s

  • Cody Chavarria says:

    Corey feldman…. A list of Hollywood names to the police. The police Michael Jackson the media Michael Jackson. The media hide Weinstein Epstein all the Jewish. And so many more

  • TR808 says:

    Hollyweird is Demonic and Satanic

  • Vox Clamantis says:

    I believe The Corys.

  • Selena Ayers says:

    Charlie Sheen molested Corey Haim. Corey was in love w Charlie

  • Macey Price says:

    Get on Joe Rogan Corey..

  • Ann Wright says:

    fight Corey always I’m so proud of u and Corey haim never give up truth will set us free were not victims but victory’s

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