Dr. Death : The Cancer Doctor Who Fave Chemo To Cancer-Free Patients

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Dr. Death : The Cancer Doctor Who Fave Chemo To Cancer-Free Patients

The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  • Gabriela Gaby Rodriguez says:

    He should get 45 years for every person he lied too and 100 for all those that dies!

  • Levelheaded says:

    This is why i have a very hard time trusting these so called doctors
    If come across a doctor that gets an attitude if i ask questions about something they say to me…i find a new doctor..period

  • Diana Howell says:

    There isnt enough curse words in my vocabulary to describe my disgust and dismay at that “doctor”(?).I guess ill have to make up some new ones.

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Chemotherapy is brutal
    The goal is pretty much to kill everything in your body without killing you

  • Sonia Dobricanin says:

    There are lot of evil doctors! We always should get a second opinion, no matter what.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    Doctor there is alot you dont know about.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    We have african & india people they to are doing the same thing.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    It’s the same cultures everytime. That’s why I don’t have them on my team?. That’s why they are not on the indigenous team?.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    The middle eastern dont know how to build. That’s why china goes to a British or an American to build?. See.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    We pick the best out of the best. The people that have done for many years of building. Those are the ones you pick. You never pick the other ones.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    One day doctor oz
    I am going to cook like my Asian & Austronesian brothers & sister are cooking. They are my cousins from a long time ago. We did cook like that you know doctor oz.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    The middle east copies from the Greeks wrapping vine leaves. They copied the pizza from Italy.

  • victory says:

    He is not alone! Many doctors do business with people’s health, caring only how to suck money from their insurances! That is evil!

  • MSotelo503 says:

    Just 45years?!? Eye for an eye. Put him thru the same in Prison.

  • Padra Maria Herrera says:

    Only 45 years!? Put him through chemo.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    Doctor oz
    See how they copied everyone to make out it was them. Because in the soul it doesn’t feel right with true warriors. Not fake warriors.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    As a indigenous it hurts. Because your from the land. And it mentally hurts you.

  • C K says:

    if you hear those words, please go and get at least 5 different options…

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    Doctor oz
    We are also in trouble by the African that came from the 16th century.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    Doctors oz
    What I am trying to do is make my own regime & secretary a secret society with the history. Its more of a indigenous regime. The other way is not working.

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