Dog the Bounty Hunter Proposes to Moon on The Dr. Oz Show

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  • Alex• says:

    I’m waiting

  • Stars Moon says:

    Wait ! What ?! 🤨😨 I thought he said quote on quote.
    “There will never be another Mrs. Dog but that doesn’t mean I have to be so sad.” -Duane Chapman

  • Pete Burrows says:

    He didn’t waste anytime!

    Her body isn’t even cold.

  • Carpe Noctem says:

    That was all?!

  • Pete Burrows says:

    So did she say yes or no

  • gospos1 says:

    When did Dr. Oz stop talking about Keto and colonoscopies??..

    • CHRIS MOSQUITZ says:


    • Diana Klenk says:

      Healing for emotions, such as suffering a loss, or death is more important than you realize…and the Doc Oz has always addressed that recovery process, where have you beeeeeeeeeen?

    • gospos1 says:

      Diana Klenk ..true but the show is having just a bit of a normal daytime drama variety show IMHO…I guess you can’t sustain a show for this many years talking about a colon and such..

  • kay T says:

    Did you hear what she said? She said No😵

  • sophie morrison says:

    Obviously he’s still raw with grief.

  • Harry Balls says:

    Dog the Bounty Hunter has turned into a total nutcase, his relationship with Beth wasn’t as good as he made it out to be, I recall A&E network saying they fought like cats and dogs during filming, there was so much fighting involved that Duane Lee left the show and eventually pushed out because Beth wasn’t paying him as much as the others, same thing with CMT they said there was nothing but arguing during filming, now he wants to jump in bed with another barracuda…. I enjoy the show but their personal life is a Trainwreck.

  • Isabella Dabrowska says:

    Why cut off the answer ????

  • partyguy35 says:

    Huge mistake! Rebound marriages have a huge failure rate!

  • Sister Grace says:

    In Jeremiah the Bible says to never trust your heart
    it is the most deceitful thing.
    If we cannot judge our own heart how can we without shame judge another’s ?
    I myself am not worthy enough to judge anyone .
    We all grieve differently, rather then judge his personal choices
    why not pray for him .

  • Annie says:

    Who in their right mind would want to wake up next to THAT????

  • Missna Missna says:

    My Grandmother was right. Man can’t be alone 😔👆

  • RainyZ Bluz says:

    Too soon for him to remarrying. He needs more time to grieve

  • Miguel Diaz says:

    dog you just crew up big time!!! beth is not 6 month death and now you have a new gf!!!

  • Avril Robertson says:

    Yea Beth did say to dog to be happy and knew he is the type of guy that would move on with another women…BUT she did ask dog not to remarry anyone else…have girlfriends or whatever but please don’t marry is what she specifically said…that’s the sad thing and for dog to do this knowing Beth’s wishes is awful I think!! 😟😞

  • Marian Garcia says:

    When does this air?

  • Iamlee says:

    Omg.. I was wondering why this grieving man was going to moon on the Dr. Oz show . Thank goodness he was talking about his Gf

  • Kristen Hanscome says:

    Has he lost his mind?!

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