Dog the Bounty Hunter On His Secret Engagement

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Dog the Bounty Hunter On His Secret Engagement

Dog the Bounty Hunter has battled health emergencies and deep grief after losing his wife. In a daytime exclusive, he’s revealing the new love he didn’t see coming.

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  • Michelle N. Sirca says:

    I hope no one hurts him! He made the lip licking gesture. Not sure what that one means without sticking tongue out…. I hope all is well. May Jesus be with us all during this time and let no one stop praying for what’s right. To happen.

  • Sue Chun says:

    Dog is awesome and so was Beth…thank goodness he found a great women congrats.

  • GoldenMare says:

    Frannie a real woman of her own..not a goal digger..i think Beth would like her cause she is real as Beth was too!

  • Yuri Munoz says:

    Godbless him

  • J C says:

    Memory is longer than time, my wife passed 4 months after Beth from gastric surgery. She will be my last cause I loved her so much.

  • Clainda Stuart says:

    So happy for you, Dog! 🌼


    ❤🕊❤🕊❤ Prayers for healing & happiness in the future!! ❤😘❤ Love to The Chapman family. ❤🕊❤🕊❤

  • MezzoMamma1 says:

    It is very hard. My best to him and his family.

  • It’s Beer O’clock says:

    Love ya Dog. Wish you all the best!

  • Barbara J says:

    He’s in no way ready to remarry
    He needs grief counseling

  • DeShan says:

    Good he found somebody else, but Dame Beth been dead for a year or two.

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Maybe Beth fixed you up? I told my man if he can find someone that can put up with him to find another.

  • Carmen Cantwell says:

    We love you Dog…so cool!

  • Jesse Mitchell says:

    Im so happy for Dog

  • Eileen Uson says:

    Love his relationship with the Lord ❤️Without God nothing is possible

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    **Why is this guy still getting air time**
    This dude started a new relationship less than a year after Beth’s death. So much for bereavement

  • Tonya Rice says:

    I never knew that Beth had passed. So sad.

  • Star Jajoba says:

    What an amazing story both grieving. Meant to be.

  • Kelley Broussard says:

    I have a feeling that Beth and Francine’s husband might have had something to do with bringing these two together. We all saw the insurmountable pain that poor Dog was suffering in. I honestly believe that in the next life, that we don’t feel jealousy the same way we do here – I know that before Beth passed away, that she was pretty adamant about Dog not giving another woman “his name” – but I have a feeling that her feelings about that may have changed. When you love someone, when you genuinely and sincerely love someone, seeing them in any kind of pain can be down right torture, and you’d give anything, do anything to make whatever their pain is go away. I think that Beth wasn’t able to truly be at peace with how much Dog was painfully grieving for her. It’s pretty clear that no matter what happens in Dog’s life, that he will never ever stop loving Beth – as I am sure that Francine will never ever stop loving her husband. This new love that Dog and Francine have found together, could never EVER take away from the deep and devoted love that they each had for their departed spouses. I am so happy that Dog and Francine have found one another to go through the rest of their live’s journey’s with, and I wish them the absolute best as they go forth in their new lives together. It seems to me that they were quite possibly a ‘match that was made in heaven’.

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