Dog The Bounty Hunter On Grief And Loss After The Death of Beth

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Dog The Bounty Hunter On Grief And Loss After The Death of Beth

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  • Suzanne Schulz says:

    I really really feel dog needs to get in therapy. And maybe meds for depression.

  • Kayl'Amor says:

    My heart broke when he said she said, “Please let me go.”

  • rose king says:

    If you don’t cry your lack of release could kill you.

  • ronald welch says:

    So sorry, God be with U ❤️❤️🌹🌹🙏🏻🙏🏻🌹🌹❤️❤️

  • Eric Pearson says:

    Sorry for your loss my friend!! God bless you with strength & prosperity to keep moving forward!!

  • Eliza Dora Charlie says:

    😢 💔 started sharing tears when he said, “she told him, look at Me Big Daddy, Please let Me go, and he told her, No! lean on Me that’s what you’ve done your whole life” 😭 💔.
    Relationship Goals; To be Love that much and to be able to love someone that much in return…
    My Sincere condolences to You Dog, Your Family & Close Friends 🙏 xx…

    • Tammy Shuttleworth says:

      Beautifully said darlin. 🙏🦋😇♥️ HUGS from Canada🇨🇦

    • Sharon Esposito says:

      I agree. I can honestly say that I have that kind of love with my husband of almost 20 years, but I had to kiss a few frogs along the way to find him. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain Dog must be in, if I ever lost my husband I would be so devastated. I hope with time it gets easier for him.

    • Eliza Dora Charlie says:

      @Tammy Shuttleworth
      Thanks Love xx
      Sending LOVE & HUGS YOUR WAY All the way From New Zealand xx.

    • Eliza Dora Charlie says:

      @Sharon Esposito
      I can’t even begin to imagine how Dog is feeling and the fact he said, “in time, should make things easier, but it’s even harder as each day goes bye” 💔. Keeping Him & His Family in My Prayers xx…

      I’m in My 30’s and Yess haha I did kiss a few frogs a long the way haha 3-long term frogs to be exact haha but Still have a hopeful heart to kiss someone whom I can call My One & Only😊. And WOW! 20yr that’s beautiful and amazing, Wishing You & Your Husband More Beautiful Loving Years To Come❤.

      I bet it wasn’t a complete regret going through kissing a few frogs😷😂. because through all that for sure God had Blessed the broken road that led You & Your Husband straight into each others Loving Arms xx💕…

  • Bethzaida Rivera says:

    I feel for him.. Wish i could take pplz pain away.

  • Charrisse Worley says:

    They really loved each other.

  • kay T says:

    Sad❤ it’s gonna take a long time to……well you really can’t heal he will he always be heart broken❤ God bless the dog and God give him comfort and peace

  • Lisa M says:

    Crying with him… My heart goes out to him sooo much.
    Grief is hard, Beth was his soulmate. We don’t get over grief, we learn how to live with it. It takes time and there is no time limit. It’s been 5 years my teenage daughter passed, it was hard, but after 4 years, I was finally able to look at her picture without crying. And just smile. Dog, your not alone…. You will see her again. ❤️. She’s your angel. Hugs to you

  • MommyLovesGiGi says:

    Beths communicating with you she’s telling you shes ok Dog shes living better then you! We love you hold your head up

  • MommyLovesGiGi says:

    Come on Dr Oz Wheres Part 2?

  • Jennifer Pauk says:

    Seeing Beth and Dog together made me believe that real true love is still in the world.Theur live us real and rare.My heart breaks for Dog

  • TiffNayyy Guzman says:

    Dog getting choked up is making my heart hurt for him. I’m looking like a crybaby right now too Dog! 😭😭

  • Jeremy Miller says:

    I can only pray that I find a woman who loves me like Beth loves Dog. He believes or not I will be praying for him and his family.

  • Natalie Tozakian says:

    Dog, I just wanted to say I enjoyed watching the show and Beth was an amazing woman. Please believe in Angels 👼, they are real. Message from Beth. She is at peace and needs you to keep the family strong 💪 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Carol Benson says:

    Why is he on Dr. OZ again after just being on several weeks ago?

  • Lele Tij says:

    I lost my husband in 2009 to liver cancer. He was 49 and I was 37. Over 10 years later and it’s still so difficult for me. I miss and love him so much! Dog loves Beth so much. He will be crying for a while

  • alyssa nowak says:

    What happened to dr oz show being about health/ him being doc etc

  • Caitlin 352 says:

    This man is in pain. My heart hurts for him .

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