Dog the Bounty Hunter And Moon Angell : The Full Interview

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Dog the Bounty Hunter And Moon Angell : The Full Interview

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his rumored girlfriend Moon Angell join Dr. Oz exclusively to set the record straight on the recent tabloid headlines about their relationship and family in turmoil. Hear an update on Dog the Bounty Hunter’s health journey.

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  • Carrie Anthony says:

    Dog has such great manners. I ❤ that. 🙌 plus if dog wanted to move on i think he has every right to and be happy.

  • Nia Sanchez says:

    Sending Prayers & Healing to Duane Chapman and his family🙏 Beth was an amazing women and she can never be replaced by anyone🙏💕🙏💯👌🏽Her bond to her Husband Dog is a bond that even death can’t even separate. I wish him complete healing.

  • Brenda Childers says:

    Love Dog You and him are my prayers every day 💕🙏

  • Kell Belle says:

    Don’t like her. She has an answer for everything. So phoney!

  • Mira Fawn says:

    We ❤ You Dog 🌈❤🤙

  • New Orleans Lady says:

    Love Dog and miss Beth so much

  • Jennifer Elizabeth Christensen says:

    It’s only been 9 months or so, understand Lyssa and the kids need more time to take all this in. Moon moving right in already, well come on, respect Bethy MORE. Best friend or not, get a grip. This just seems so screwed up. I’m sure Beth wouldn’t like any of it. I hope you start to see clearly, Dog. I’ll keep you in my prayers 🙏❤️.

  • Alina America says:

    Very confused in one line he says that beth right before she died begged him to not get married and then 10 minutes later he asked the family friend to marry him exactly what Beth wouldn’t have wanted this guy is so confused and thinking with the wrong head

  • Angie Valdez says:

    Poor Dog 😔 he misses Beth so much 💔

  • LaTasha Howard says:

    He is trying to fill a void because he is miserable without his Beth. This vile woman Moon Devil or whatever her name is, is an opportunist and back stabber. I understand why Dog is doing what he is doing and I also understand why she is doing what she is doing. She is discusting and will never hold a candle to Beth!

  • Kami Kami says:

    He’s still grieving, not ready for any relationship. And eww Beth’s not even cold in the ground but the bestie moves in?? WTH Clearly she means more to him than he does to her. I think she represents his only connection to Beth left on an adult intimate level. He needs to heal.

  • Chasity Nicole says:

    As someone who grew up watching them and loving Beth (only reason I watched was because of her and Leland) I find it really disgusting that not even a year after she has passed he has those types of feelings for someone that has possibly used them both over the years for fame and greed just ridiculous. I understand needing comforted some days but her living in the house moving her things in and just her overall actions is sad considering she was suppose to be Beth’s friend. He is letting that trash bag ruin his relationship with his actual family and back in the day he always said family is above anything. I always thought of him and Beth having something real and being in awe with them like wow they really love each other and its like a slap in the face to fans and Beth seeing him and trash bag escalate so quickly after all the promises he made and is now throwing away. It really makes you question what is real. I hope Beth is resting peacefully 💜

  • mal_30 says:

    I wish the best for Dog

  • Shane Conrad says:

    This was so awkward to watch but I couldn’t stop watching it.

  • Tiny Vialobos says:

    Beth fought 20+ years to get a proposal out of Dog, for him to go months with this moon lady and proposed after months ?? That was very disrespectful to Beth I feel disrespected as a fan to even watch this because of the love I have for Beth.

  • C. M says:

    The wedding proposal was the weirdest thing i ever seen before? That waa not a test but awkward. I feel he is very needy and needs someone she is there and he is trying to cling to that. I pray the covering of Jesus Christ over Dog and for his healing emotionally.

  • Evie says:

    He’s lost my respect!

  • Nan C says:

    C’mon people Dog just tried to cover up by saying he was showing people she doesn’t want to marry him
    C’mon people he really does!
    And plus I feel like she’s using him!
    I wouldn’t put it past that the agency (or whatever you call it) asked her to get in there and make him go back to the show!
    This is horrible guys

  • Greeneyed Gemini says:

    That means he smoked 4 packs a day around Beth .Why didnt he realize that he was killing his own beloved wife .Why didnt Dog commit to dropping his habitual cigarette smoking for his wife completely. ..It is so sad that people cannot see the error of their own. SELFISHNESS until its too late .

  • Shelli Critser says:

    She puts on a good show. She’s so fake its sickening.

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