Dog the Bounty Hunter And Moon Angell : The Full Interview – Part 3

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Dog the Bounty Hunter And Moon Angell : The Full Interview – Part 3

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his rumored girlfriend Moon Angell join Dr. Oz exclusively to set the record straight on the recent tabloid headlines about their relationship and family in turmoil. Hear an update on Dog the Bounty Hunter’s health journey.

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  • Lisa Money says:

    *💁🏻‍♀️i wish the best for Dog and Moon 🌙 You only live once so why not be happy❗️* *i can tell that Dog is still grieving over Beth.* *It’s gonna take time for him to heal before he marries again❗️Dwane is sooo sad 😢 and I wish I could give him a hug!*

  • Miss Bee says:

    I think eventually Dog and Moon will become a couple, in time. I also think that Beth would be Ok with it because she loved them both. Beth knows Dog needs a good woman in his life to love and who will love him back. Dog and Moon are already very good friends who know each other well. I think Beth would approve if their friendship turns to a romantic kind of love.

  • Crystal Hardin says:

    Sometimes when people are that lonely they take those words back. Bless his heart! I loved watching him and Beth. She was an amazing lady. I wish I could give him hug now.

  • Aloha says:

    Listen guys… he made a vow _”til death do us part”_ and he’s kept that vow. Beth gave her approval and okay for him to date other women when she passes. He needed HER approval, not ours. Its HIS life, let him live it & go live your own. He’s entitled to find happiness. Dont speak for Beth, we all know she was more than capable of speaking for herself, & SHE wanted him to move on & be happy again. She knew & loved them both & I think she would approve of their dating.
    Come on guys, you saw Dog & Beth together, it doesnt matter if he finds other women in his life, he will NEVER love anyone the way he loved Beth. Theres no replacing her.
    That being said… he promised Beth he would never marry again. Dating is one thing, but there should never be another “Mrs. Dog”, you owe Beth that much. Be a man of your word, keep the promise you made.

    • Mistina Branham says:

      He is just a confused broken man rt now! I don’t think he is thinking with his rt mind. He will find his strength again to come back to be himself again. And I’m sure that man will never break his word to Beth!

    • Aloha says:

      Mistina Branham
      Im not so sure about that…. he said in this interview that he WOULD marry Moon. I agree though, I think youre right, he’s very hurt, lost & not in his right mind. What we’re witnessing, is a lost man desperate to not be in pain anymore. Its too bad really, because I think the alternative, is him taking his life, & I really wish people would realize that before acting like he broke vows to THEM. If it was between him marrying Moon & him taking his life, I think Beth would tell him to remarry.

    • kidneybleach says:

      I think during her funeral Dog said they left the “til death do us part” out because they said they’ll never remarry.

    • Aloha says:

      Im not talking about remarrying, Im talking about dating, which Beth gave her blessing on. Besides, I think Beth took that out of their vows with the thought that he would pass before her (considering he’s significantly older than her & a smoker).
      But he SHOULD without a doubt, keep his promise to never remarry. There is and will only ever be ONE *Mrs. Dog* 💅🏽.

  • Selena Ayers says:

    He’s clinging to moon because she knew & loved Beth too. He’s not really in love w her he’s just lonely

  • Disorderly Kingdom says:

    Love you dog 💖

  • Carol Benson says:

    He really needs some grief counseling.

  • Laura Smith says:

    Her name is moon,and dr.oz keeps calling her a rock,lol

  • Joan Pashinsky-Greve says:

    Omg dog this is so difficult to watch your sadness and tears are to much to bare please try to take care of yourself the world needs the old dog back 🙏💜

  • Kayla Hughes says:

    Dr. Oz did NOT like Ms. moon lol.

  • T Regis says:

    He’s needing companionate love. Perfectly natural for a man his age and the grief and the family struggles… If moon ever comes around i hope she learns to talk less.

  • candy dane says:

    I will never forget that memorial on tv when beth died, showed how much Dog loved Beth.

  • Bruzer Bites says:

    This is not the Dog we all know. He is so broken. So sad.

  • Freddy Eason says:

    Dog Howls at the moon sick

  • Bill D says:

    Dog needs to be with Beth. He will never find a replacement. Feel bad for the guy.

  • Mimi Mimi says:

    People need to stop making him feel bad for moving on his so sad he loved his wife and u can clearly see he still does i hope he finds happiness with someone that truly cares for him


    This is all for publicity , IMHO! Even lysa going to jail. Give me a break! 🙄🙄🙄

  • Tennessee Vols Fan says:

    Dr. Oz,

    Thank you for posting the interview and keeping watch over Dog and his Family. Thank you, for getting Dog into therapy. Thank you, for talking to Dog about Lyssa. We all want to see them heal and we all know how much they love each other. I think another strained relationship in the family, based on tweets, is Dogs relationship with Cecily. While it does not have to be publicly, I do hope you speak with Dog about Cecily. Cecily has lost not only her mother in this but, again, based on tweets- She feels she has lost her Dad as well. You are a godsend to this family! God bless.

  • Cissie Menagh’s Daughter Nanny Magerr says:

    Poor man he is heart broken xxx

  • Renae Rios says:

    I just feel so bad for him. You can see and feel how much beth passing away is hurting him. He needs moon. Bc like they said they talk about Beth every day. They both loved her. So what if they decide to be together. Beth loved them both. Like he said his kids help but then they leave.

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