Dog the Bounty Hunter And Moon Angell : The Full Interview – Part 2

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Dog the Bounty Hunter And Moon Angell : The Full Interview – Part 2

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his rumored girlfriend Moon Angell join Dr. Oz exclusively to set the record straight on the recent tabloid headlines about their relationship and family in turmoil. Hear an update on Dog the Bounty Hunter’s health journey.

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  • Stefanie M says:

    That’s a no from me not a good joke

  • Bernadette Gamboa says:

    That was weird… awkward and tough to watch 🤦‍♀️😬

  • Cassie Wiesner says:

    I think he will love Beth till the day he dies and finding someone even though it was fast and she was close to Beth we all go threw life loving different people and he needs it right now. As long as he is happy and she is good to him leave him be. Do worry Dog things will get a little better over time and you deserve to be happy

  • Teena Milam says:

    I just pray for Dog. He is really grieving bad. I’m not sure I believe all this, but it’s not my place to judge.

  • Red Lotus says:

    He is in a Very vulnerable place. He needs to grieve. Dog we know u and Moon are intimate. It’s obvious. I Honestly don’t even know how to feel. I cannot Judge

    • Angel Truth777 says:

      Red Lotus We cannot judge but we can honor her memory by speaking truth.
      He made one promise to her and publicly broke it. God will judge the woman because she planted herself as a (dark) seed long ago.
      Beth knew.

  • mircas says:

    Who are we to judge…let this poor guy be happy

  • Karen Voller says:

    No one can tell him how to grieve.. I didn’t realize she was Justin’s Mother, this makes more sense.

  • Pamela says:

    Idk. His proposal seemed sincere.. he took a deep breath and almost bursted into tears. Or maybe bc it made him think of Beth.

  • Just Jules says:

    He’s in so much pain, poor guy.

  • happy one 2017 says:

    He sounds lonely 😢

  • Laura Smith says:

    He’s vulnable and moon is just a filler for his void in life.

  • Nancy Simmons says:

    When asked her to marry him. He really meant that he didn’t know what the hell to say.

  • Christy Monroe says:

    Glad Dog found someone to be there for him. They’re middle age adults entering into the later part of their lives & should enjoy every bit of time they have left. No one else’s business, tbh.

  • quasimobius says:

    He’s a drowning man reaching out for a lifeline. Hold him tight.

  • T Regis says:

    I feel so bad for him and I’m glad he has someone like her. So what if it turns physical? Beth only exists in his mind.

  • Maverick_is _right_ says:

    When Dog talked about walking by Beth’s closet my eyes for wet. That man really loved his wife. Everybody wants love like that.

  • Bertisue Symons says:

    Does anyone else think he really meant that,then made it a joke to keep from being embarrassed on t.v.

  • Honda Chick says:

    She just wants him back on the show so she has a free ride.

  • Bonney Little says:

    If he got caught violating his probation he got caught, doesn’t matter how.

  • Nancy T says:

    Bless his heart. After my Mom passed…. when visiting my Dad in the home I grew up in, I would walk in, hug my Dad and go straight to my Mom’s closet and smell her clothes, smell her Chanel No 5 bottle. It gave me such peace. Then one day, Dad and I decided to give away her clothes. It was time and it was ok. ♥️

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