Dog the Bounty Hunter And Moon Angell : The Full Interview – Part 1

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Dog the Bounty Hunter And Moon Angell : The Full Interview – Part 1

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his rumored girlfriend Moon Angell join Dr. Oz exclusively to set the record straight on the recent tabloid headlines about their relationship and family in turmoil. Hear an update on Dog the Bounty Hunter’s health journey.

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  • Tara Chapman says:

    Thank you for posting Dr.oz

  • Queen Farah says:

    I love that dog and his family ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️hes amazing guy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Queen Farah says:

    Made me cry 😢😢🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • jwathas says:

    At first I was a bit outraged by the fact that he already has a new lady in his life not even a year after Beth’s passing, but this sweet man clearly just wants and needs companionship and someone to love and to be there for him. Maybe there are some codependency issues at play here, but he deserves to be happy and to find peace. I have always loved Dog and I loved Beth just as much. I truly hope that everything works out for him and his family and that the current friction between them can be resolved. He needs his family now more than ever.

  • Gypsy Dust says:

    I’m confused why folks believe that he made a vow to them. He didn’t. He can do whatever he wants and he should. He’s an adult.

  • Denise Green says:

    I love Dr.Oz

  • Crystal Rader says:

    He needs to heal first before going into a relationship..

  • Aloha says:

    Listen guys… he made a vow _”til death do us part”_ and he’s kept that vow. Beth gave her approval and okay for him to date other women when she passes. He needed HER approval, not ours. Its HIS life, let him live it & go live your own. He’s entitled to find happiness.

    • Aloha says:

      @Victoria Rivera
      Mahalo nui loa, tita Victoria. I DO think he needs to remember his promise to never remarry though. He gave her his word & should keep it. There is only ONE Mrs. Dog, and her name was Beth Chapman, sorry Moon. Aloha from Hawai’i as well. 🙂🤙🏽

    • Kendra Anton says:

      They kept till death due us part… out of the vows. They made a pact to never remarry.

    • Aloha says:

      Kendra Anton
      Yes and I think he has a moral obligation to keep that promise to not remarry… but Beth told him he could and should date after she’s gone.

    • Aloha says:

      Courtney Lynn
      How so? They arent dating, they arent married. I think she’s trying to honor her friendship with Beth by being there for him now & he’s blowing that out of proportion and making it into something its not because he’s desperate for a companion. Beth left a huge hole in that mans heart and the pain of it is making him irrational. He’s desperately trying to fill that hole.
      Truth be said, if it came down to a choice of either him taking his life out of grief (a real concern, considering he’s mentioned it numerous times since her passing) OR him remarrying… which do you think Beth would prefer? Beth underestimated how much he loved and needed her.

  • ELizabeth says:

    He”s still in DEEP GRIEF

    • Sim Son says:

      +Elizabeth Yes I agree, “Dog” is just starting to grieve his wife’s death. It has finally sunk in and it hurts too much. ‘Dog’ needs a lot more time to process his loss, and give himself time to grieve the loss of his wife Beth.

    • Lucy Lane says:

      ELizabeth Yes he is TOTALLY wrecked. They were true soulmates, you could feel it all the way through the TV screen.

    • Sim Son says:

      @Lucy Lane His wife Beth were a team. It’s hard to lose someone so close. Dog is going to need help through his tough time.

  • Carol Benson says:

    Dr. Oz sure has a different show these days.

  • Carol Benson says:

    He’s scary looking.

  • Laura Smith says:

    My mom married a year after my dad took his first i thought it would be hard seeing her with another man,but he turned out to be a good guy,and she wasn’t angry and lonely anymore

  • Laura Smith says:

    Dog looks in rough physical shape,health wise,and he dreams of being in heaven with beth,soooo…let him be.

  • Ann Black says:

    Beth is gone and if Dog can find happiness with Moon then I wish them both all the luck in the world.I know it must be hard on his children but the reality is Beth is not coming back and it is time to move on.His daughter needs to understand it and let it be.Beth was blessed to have a man love her so deep.

  • Lori Mendoza says:

    Love you Dog. I saw you and Beth going into Frenchy’s Rock Away grill in Clearwater Florida last March and I wanted to say I loved and appreciated you both but didn’t want to bother you. I don’t know why God’s plan is so painful sometimes, i wish it wasn’t. I pray he takes away your pain. Just take some time to heal. Be patient and then love again. You have so much to give but don’t rush. You will find someone I know. God Bless. God loves you

  • Megan Bennett says:

    He needs too heal first before going into a relationship, and I think that’s a low blow too Beth. Know one said he couldn’t be happy but moon of all people. I think it’s too too early

  • 33479Leigh says:

    He’s not the same , he seems fragile

  • Jo Antonia van der Steen says:

    its sad that Beth died but.. Dog is alive and he has a right to be happy! don”t judge please and look at your own lives… are you okay? 🤔

  • Carol Katagira says:

    This man needs love he’s really devastated and sad.

  • Sissy Lingerfelt says:

    Dog is still trying 2 heal from losing his wife back in june of 2019 his wife had passed away give dog some space and time he doesnt want no body right now

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