Does Wearing Gloves Help Protect Yoiy From Coronavirus?

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Does Wearing Gloves Help Protect You Protect From Coronavirus?

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  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 52 seconds left to live”


  • kay T says:

    Common sense really

  • Shasha8674 says:

    Good videos! Thanks for answering the important questions and talking positive! God bless!

  • Natashia says:

    Tbh I feel like these statements are misleading. Of course wearing gloves & masks prevent the spread of communicable diseases. If they didn’t then the entire medical industry does it for nothing. I am without question putting on gloves for instances when I have no access to soap & water. Pumping gas, grabbing a buggy at the store before I can wipe it down, using any atm or automated payment machine. We’ve been told that carona is living on surfaces for anywhere from 3-9 days. If I can prevent it from being on my hands at all I feel pretty justified in that choice. Learn to use them correctly, sanitizer for after removal. We’re also hearing reports that carona can live in the air (meaning it’s clearly airborne) fit up to 3 hours. The fact that we’re being told not to wear masks I find rather disturbing. It’s literally survival of the fittest out here!

    • Allaric Harosyn says:

      BUT you have to change your gloves constantly they aren’t magical virus killers but they do protect areas like under your nails . Mask can protect but they are also a virus liability as the virus can attach to your mask so you need to change it out and wash your hands and face , hand wash rinse then wash face also if you touch your face when adjusting your mask you may contaminate your face . So best rule NEVER touch your face before sanitizing your hands and dispose of both mask and gloves frequently . It’s not as simple as just wearing the same mask and gloves all day. I need to buy stock in 3M tomorrow.

    • tamato pakalo says:

      Incorrect… 50 years of bio experience

    • Pascale N says:

      @Jayme soller you have to be training yourself to not touch your face.
      I were them on public trasportation.

    • Pascale N says:

      @nmr20067 which i do. I live in europe

    • Pascale N says:

      @tamato pakalo what is?

  • Bunny Bubs says:

    They clearly don’t want the general public to use the glove and mask supply

  • 1DANIELTUBE says:

    How are yoiy?

  • Vashtie Sanhai-O'kieffe says:

    Doctor, I live in Trinidad and my government is saying we have two ‘mild’ cases, is there anything like mild cases of Corona virus. Thank you for your time

    • Janice G says:

      Vashtie Sanhai-O’kieffe I don’t know if you will get a response from a Dr, but the info we have here In the US is that some people will have it and not have symptoms for up to 24 days, and some will have mild flu symptoms, others more severe, up to feeling like suffocating or at worst, elderly or vulnerable people can die. Children seem not effected. Stay well.

  • Terris Terris says:

    Why wouldn’t gloves help until you can get to a sink to was your hands? You can’t keep washing your hands and spraying door knobs every time you touch these things. It’s unrealistic at work. You wouldn’t get any work done if you did this. Your 8 hours of work would consist of disinfecting your environment. Especially, if your job consist of dealing with customers, money etc.

  • Katya Argudin says:

    How can wearing gloves not help?

    • Jayme soller says:

      Katya Argudin how can they help?

    • becca206 says:

      Jayme soller Well, stick your own bare hands smack dab in the middle of a dirtied baby diaper of a stranger with no access to washing your hands for several hours and then tell me how having gloves on ISN’T going to help you with pathogenetic materials contamination.

      A pathogen is a pathogen no matter the source. I don’t know ANYONE with Superman x-ray vision that can see microscopic viruses with their unaided eyes. Just assume that anything and everything within the community’s touch & breath IS CONTAMINATED with the Coronavirus.

  • Tha_SilverBlack_16 says:

    Maybe stop creating panic…

  • Half-Pint Paris says:

    Wear gloves & mask folks. That’s EXACTLY why doctors do it during surgery. TO PREVENT INFECTION 🙄

    • R G says:

      Do you wear gloves during flu season? No! So stop encouraging glove use. If your family member has a bad cold, do you store up on gloves? No! So just stop it. The precautions for coronavirus are the same as the cold & flu….Stay away from people & was your hands & keep your hands away from your face!

    • LA K. says:

      I live in a Trauma icu unit. U ever wear surgical gloves? Your hands will b a puddle of water in 5 min. The OR is very cold. Masks are useless unless you are infected, but you shouldnt be out if u are. Gloves are stupid. If you are that paranoid, dont leave your house. You’ll b just fine.

    • Pascale N says:

      @R G on public transportation i wear gloves during flu season. Last year i caught the flu that was so intense it nearly killed me. Not going through that again.

    • R G says:

      @Pascale N THOUSANDS of people have gotten the flu on that level & survived. Maybe uou should have washed your hands more often and stop touching your face. No one gets through life without something serious happening at some point.

    • Pascale N says:

      @R G i wash my hands a lot, but through my job i came in contact with a lot of ppl.
      What’s up with ppl judging eveyone they don’t k ow? 🤔
      I wear gloves on the bus, period.

  • Sarah Brown says:

    Gloves help you to remember not to touch your face.

  • Aliciaek says:

    Gloves help a lot…that prevent that the virus et your skin…stop with that nonsense, we want to protect ourselves.

  • Rae Boyd says:

    how about for pkg handlers like fed ex, Amazon, ups?

  • Cindy Michaud says:

    Still wearing gloves

  • Clarissa Jackson says:

    I’ve washed my hands so much and you so much hand sanitizer my hands are so dry! Even with putting lotion on them. But hey, if it’s what I Gotta do it’s what I Gotta do!

  • Ro Barg says:

    I disagree, gloves will definitely keep me from touching my face until I can properly wash my hands!

  • Tman NC says:

    Yeah, and I suppose the general medical profession wear them because they look pretty, come on man!

  • Ciel Phantomhive says:

    wear gloves can prevent your dirtyas hands from touching your nose mouth and eyes, therefore breathe in the germs. Not 100% but it sure reduces the chance of doing so

  • Sweetheartbabez says:

    I’m all for people wearing gloves. I just hope people are remembering to disinfect the items they have touched while they were wearing gloves when they get home otherwise it is counter intuitive. I live in NY and I see people touching the poles on trains, train doors, then touching their metro-card, then touch their phones and then answer the phone with their gloves still on. In this case, the gloves are not protecting you if you are still touching things you use (cell phone, keys, wallet, etc). In that case, it is best to change the gloves often.

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