Does Vaping Worsen the Effects of COVID-19?

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Does Vaping Worsen the Effects of COVID-19?

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  • Atiq Choudry says:

    Your vedios are making us more depressed dr oz

  • John San Juan says:

    I Don’t Like Vaping. I’m an Asthma Sufferer for 11 Years!

  • Dora A. Salazar says:

    Beware of vaping. Seven years ago my daughter and I both got H1N1. She was vaping at the time and ended up on life support for 33 days, I recovered without problems. It’s not worth grieving your family… Take care of yourself and live.

  • Jim Vincitore says:

    Does regular flue shot prevent corona?


    I quit smoking using a vap and I stopped coughing the next day.I smoked for 27 years and the vap helped me .

  • Natural Therapy says:

    Vaping is not good for health specially who has asthma problem or any other chest problem. Great video doc 🔥🔥🔥

  • Crisjapop cris says:

    Reality is we already breathe polluted air, anything else we put in our lungs does no better. Do a favor to yourself and to others: stop smoking or vaping or whatever your are inhaling for fun.

  • Lil Collins says:

    I just threw my vape away last Monday because of this concern

  • Pzkpfw IV says:

    depends on liquid content and coil tempeture. however drying may be an issue

  • jan veer says:

    no problem with vaping ,it just gives you lung cancer…

    • K Channel says:

      I had suffered pneumonia from it. It’s best to quit. Your lungs aren’t meant to hold fatty acids from the fluid or the burnt particles from the vape. I quit using nicotine mini mints they helped me so much

  • Cody B says:

    I haven’t smoked for about 12 days 💪 we all need to work together any way we can to stop the Coronavirus from getting worse. How many more times do you think you can go out and put your hand on the door handle at a gas station before you end up getting it.

  • Asdert Man says:

    Türkiye’den selamlar Mehmet hocam

  • Big Pun215 says:

    I understand smoking not good for you period but why the title have to say vaping why couldn’t it just say cigarette or smoking

  • K Channel says:

    To anyone trying to quit I highly recommend using the nicotine mini mint lozenges to get rid of the cravings for nicotine. Now is the best time to quit while you’re ahead

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