Does The Virus Reactivate? Can You Get sick Again With Coronavirus?

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Does The Virus Reactivate? Can You Get sick Again With Coronavirus?

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  • Ed Speece says:

    The Hydroxychloroquine and zinc chelate will still work.

  • MOE does DIYs says:

    I wonder this. Thanks for sharing doctor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Debbie Casalina says:

    I’m not taking your vaccines!

  • Coa Coa McLaughlin says:

    When mammals moved away from laying eggs to having live births millions of years ago bla, bla, bla. Now here is a completely unprovable theory that would take a real intelligent person to believe. I think I will stick to the God theory. There is more evidence to prove that theory true. You know, 2,000 years ago verses millions and millions of years ago. Seriously?

    • Chris Strobel says:

      Amen, absolutely no empirical evidence for their macro evolutionary theories. I wonder if Oz is buying it .. he often speaks of God .. I hope so .. pray for these guys.

    • erospawn says:

      Seems to me, no one seems to know what to do…a vaccine seems to be the only real answer they have. Maybe that’s kind of the point…God is allowing this to happen to show us we don’t have all the answers and to show us that there are things out there all the science in the world can’t save us from. Only God has the answers.

    • Camille Rose says:

      Good lort

  • Athol Vogt says:

    Keep talking about getting a vaccine but there is no vaccine for sars or mers yet,

    • Alla Lipovetska says:

      They actually worked on vaccines for SARS and MERS, but it never came back. And also because of the work done on these deseases we have 45 people who already tried a vaccine for Covid19.

  • Abdullah A says:

    You get influenza again and again so I can believe it

    • Bryan G says:

      Abdullah A most people do not get the flu with any regularity and that’s with it mutating to multiple strains each year. I had it only twice in 40 years and I worked in a hospital for 12.

  • Shirley Fretty says:

    Oh my. Dr. Oz again…..

  • Carol Sanborn says:

    As soon as I heard that guy say”tenn of millions of years ago, I couldnt shut off the podcast fast enough. What a crock of lies.

  • Armani V says:

    One thing is that the reporting on the “reinfections” is misleading. These people tested positive 24 hrs after testing negative. The KCDC has studied a family that tested positive again and although their PCR tests said positive their blood cultures did not contain any traces of live virus, leading the KCDC to believe that the positive PCR tests are a result of viral litter. The same French doctor that has been on this channel also stated the same thing occurred- that although the PCR stated a positive result the blood culture was negative for live virus. The easiest explanation is that viral litter is still in the body and takes time to filter it completely. Reinfection wouldn’t occur so quickly particularly when those people are quarantined and reactivation within days of infection doesn’t make any biological sense either nor does it seem to align with the genomic and physical characteristics of COVID-19. The studies of rhesus macaques showed no reinfection no reactivation and their autopsy’s showed no lingering viral cells in their tissues.

  • Johnny R says:

    I don’t trust Mr. OZ! Be aware of this man!

  • Sai Baba says:

    Amen, halluiah,praise the lord,dr oz please make videos of medicine REMDESIVIR

  • erospawn says:

    I am more concerened about this virus is presenting a wonderful opportunity for governmental abuse of power, violating civil liberties and the constitution under the guise of public health…Very concerning to see how the stay at homers shame and verbally abuse those who wish to exercise their civil liberties safely. Furthermore, when executive orders from Mayors or Governors are enforced by police who can’t tell who is living in the same house hold and who is not, then that becomes an unequal application of the law… if a law cannot be enforced equally, then it is an unjust law.

  • Sai Baba says:

    Amen,dr OZ please update with medicine REMDESIVIR,Gilead company,

  • its me says:

    Yay, thanks oz for a scaring us!! Not too long ago you gave all hope to hqc, but I guess big orpah reminded you that SHE is your boss!

  • Geoffrey Pereira says:

    @11:50…moral of the story: Don’t YELL at people within 6 feet. Good advice, coronavirus or not…

  • Laura L says:

    can we just put those plastic face shields and go back to work/school? :’)

  • Anonymous says:

    Duhhhhhh people were getting heart attacks after re-infection (r i.p.) even allegedly while taking antivirals?

  • D Back says:

    The lab Obama democrat ccp virus 🦠 is a weapon..the stable part complements from the democrats and fauchi

  • John Cocca says:

    Looking pretty good! That Hydroxychloroquine really did the trick, didn’t it?

  • hoangkimtran says:

    too much adds and doesn’t answer the question, thumb down.

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