Do You Need Sleep Support?

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Do You Need Sleep Support?

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  • Grace Vosotros says:

    hi doc goodMorning 😊 i hope doc masagot nyu po ang tanong ko.
    Doc Mag 27 na po ako pero di pa po regular regla ko ano po gagawin ko? Nainom po ako follic acid un po ang reseta sakin

  • Syed Nadeem says:

    Doc can you make a series on gabapentin and its adverse effects

  • Cody Mayer says:

    Watching this right before bed πŸ™„

  • Ann MusicPick says:

    Thanks. This may help.

  • NaturalWay TV says:

    Thanks DOC great video tipsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Libra Italia says:

    Dear Doctor Oz, I write from Italy, I go to sleep very early at about 9.30 /10.00 pm but at 3 am I am awake and I take a long time to start to sleep again, then I sleep from 5 am until 7/8 or sometimes 9 am. Can you help me ?

  • CNA ,Sarah A. says:

    I can’t sleep either πŸ˜”,it’s been like that for three months….

  • AYAN KHAN says:

    Hey people plz find a natural solution… These doctors gonna take the whole world on medication gradually… Stop taking these poisons… Take a long walk an hour before sleep and dont use ur phone n tv etc as dr said… Don’t take those poison pills… They r gonna ruin ur life.

  • Keto Solution says:

    My biggest problem with sleep is having to live in a society that’s way too noisy.

  • Christy Hernandez says:

    Melatonin work great. Buy at any health food shop- a lot cheaper.

  • Lisa Tomaselli says:

    Can’t sleep either I suffer from Major Depression and Severe Panic Disorder. A Dr after 28 years of being on a Nerve pill that was the only pill that worked. Another Med I’m on doesn’t co-inside with the nerve pill. I can’t deal with not sleeping and severe anxiety on top of having Emphysema I already have trouble breathing . I need my medicine back my nerve pill. Drs don’t understand why people get drugs off the Streets because when it’s the only thing that works for you and then Drs decide to pull you off it. So you buy off the Street and Pray it’s not Tampered withπŸ˜‘

  • Ashley Shelton says:

    Wasn’t that the lady who was on talc or something with introducing a sister wife to her husband πŸ˜’

  • tekesh says:

    0:32 Me checking the fridge at 1am

  • Con Woman says:

    Im 35 wks pregnant i cant describe how much I disturb with my sleep cant sleep even for a single minute πŸ™my back my sholder heart me badly. I feel so dull all the day.

    • Poseidon Adventure says:

      Use lots of pillows alongside your body to make you more comfortable while pregnant. Sleep on your side and place a pillow under your leg.

  • nour5007 says:

    My mobile is the biggest distraction.

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