Do I Need To Pull My Child Out Of School? – Coronavirus Common Questions

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Do I Need To Pull My Child Out Of School? – Coronavirus Common Questions

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  • ROMA Portugal says:

    I would say ‘yes’ plus the county wants it too

  • Joseph Peeler says:

    Has one kid in the world died from Covid-19?

  • JoeyVonn says:

    Prediction, after spring break kids are bringing it back to school.

  • Melissa Sugar Glider Mom says:

    They actually just shut down ALL Ontario public schools and daycares for the next 3 weeks.

    • Jennifer Adams says:

      There’s no school in Manitoba either for 2 weeks after spring break, so a total of 3 weeks.. I think they are waiting till after spring break in Ontario too.

    • Melissa Sugar Glider Mom says:

      @Jennifer Adams Yes, they are. Friday marked the last day of school for the next 3 weeks. March 15th-21st is the actual “March Break” and then after that from March 22nd-April 5th is the “2 week school closure/quarantine” period that is being imposed all across Ontario. Officials have also started to shut down theaters, museums & cancelled a bunch of events/gatherings, cancelled all of the usual March break day camps, shut down publicly funded daycares & other childcare centers, cancelled shows & sporting events, and our city council has officially declared an emergency and put into effect a whole slew of other precautions eventhough my particular city has not had a single confirmed case as of yet (knock on wood).

  • Jessica's Journey To Fitness says:

    In the Los Angeles district all schools closed their doors for the next 2 weeks.. Some for 4

  • MariDaReaper HORROR says:

    The answer is YES

  • Tonni D says:

    All Philadelphia Schools Closed for 2weeks

  • Hugh O'Brien says:

    We have pulled our kids you should do it now

  • Enes Sefa says:

    proud of TURKEY love you DR OZ seni seviyoruz!

  • Thyra Viking says:

    Here in Norway all schools, nurserys and Kindergartens are now closed for two weeks. I think its very good. 😀

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