D.L. Hughley On His Hopes And Fears For Elections

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D.L. Hughley On His Hopes And Fears For Elections

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  • Tiandra V says:

    Hope these ignorant trump supporters circle the right vote when in the polling stall.

  • variableghostgg says:

    TRUMP !!

  • variableghostgg says:

    Trump has done more for the black community then any President. Look it up Biden has sent more Black to Prison

    • shawn barnes says:

      What has he done for black people?

    • God Is Good says:

      Shawn do your own research, your on YouTube go and watch videos on other black trump supporters and the blacks trump has set free from prison by his prison reform act. And see there reasons for supporting Trump.Stop letting social media and the liberal News networks mold your view of the world and who to vote for. Be a free thinker. Godbless

    • Latrice R says:

      @shawn barnes Let out a few felons just to get the black vote.

    • God Is Good says:

      @Latrice R so you rather see blacks inprisoned? Blacks who where put away by Biden’s crime bill are now being released, why not be happy that your black men and women are able to get a second chance at life and be set free from behind bars and be fathers, daughters and sons and daughters and make something out of there lives.

  • Edwin DeJesus says:

    The modern day Left is full of the most hateful race hustlers I’ve ever seen.

  • Tiandra V says:

    I am 29 and voted for the first time. I’m so sad and can’t wait for a better environment and plan for COVID and our economy.

  • Rose DeLeon says:

    Hughley needs to get his facts straight reg which groups are attacking people…BLM, Antifa. Pres Trump should press charges against those who have lied and plotted against his election.

  • Kathy Redline says:

    I believe in God. So does Trump.

  • vadimo3082 says:

    If the polls are correct according to the media, then why are so many businesses boarding up? Because they can feel that regular middle Americans want to re elect Trump.

    They know the Insane Left will riot, burn and destroy.

  • Data B Lite says:

    He’s a Full Grown Clown and he is a Helper, and his job is to SUBVERT his own people to keep us in BONDAGE.

  • angelica says:

    What is on his chin 🤢

  • R G says:

    Democrats traditionally vote early. Republicans prefer voting in person. We dont trust the mail. Too many mail in votes get trashed or stolen by Democrats.

  • Christie Brooks says:

    Wanting to fire Dr. Fauci during this deadly pandemic!! He doesn’t even have a healthcare plan ready for us! He had 4 years to come up with a plan. But he was too busy tweeting insults and bragging about how great he thinks he is.

  • Patricia Cook says:

    Very disappointing. I held out hope that you were maybe authentic and not part of media bias in with holding truths. No debate on Mr. Hughley views and information. Very saddened to see your election day endorsement.

  • Vaughn Palmer says:

    That’s a lie everyone’s has had a job but his point is slavery when there’s other countries way worse

  • Vaughn Palmer says:

    The way how I see it is don’t go against GOd trump was prophesied too be president twice

  • Nick M says:

    “That is unfortunately the American way” killing people because they don’t submit to you is the opposite of the American way. That’s why there’s a First Amendment.

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