CVS to Hire 50,000 Workers and Give Bonuses Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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CVS to Hire 50,000 Workers and Give Bonuses Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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  • Tem says:

    cool video you deserve more views

  • Brandy Delorise says:

    I’m glad they are doing that. I work for CVS and we need it.

  • Hollijoy Johnson says:

    Thank you 😉

  • Jon Doe says:

    How can i apply.

  • sisterfriend143 says:

    They cut hours and then hire more people.. makes no sense.. there are some of us that need hours in our store and not travel to get hours.. they dont want us having a certain amount of hours because then we can qualify for benefits… it’s very frustrating..

  • Rukundo Jean pierre says:

    How can i apply

  • Faye King says:

    Good afternoon

  • weaverspell says:

    Trump is correct we need to bring back Herd Immunity and stop the Lockdown…the Economy needs to rev up after Easter again or China will rule the World

  • silversun says:

    Yet, my hospital (major hospital in Southern California) isnt giving any incentives nor adequate personal protective equipment for nurses and front line health care providers.

  • Ms. Pamela says:

    Wonderful! These people should be in the list to get tested right away to prevent further spreading of virus among their own families, and so on.

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