Crazy Covid Theories

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Crazy Covid Theories

The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  • Annie says:

    Covid-19 was in the ‘working’ 10 yearsssssss ago! FACT! A Vax was developed a YEAR AGO! FACT! C-19 was developed in a Lab in the USA and transported to Wuhan for mass replication & distribution. FACT! What makes you specialists? 🤔 The PharMafia CANNOT be trusted! FACT! BG*tes and Fauci are CRIMINALS! FACT!!! 🤮 The truth always prevails. ALL THESE FACTS that I’ve cited WILL be revealed.

  • wavenature says:

    HCQ+ ? Vitamin D3 ? Zinc ? Vitamin C ?

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    I am trying to fight this misleading information that’s going out into the public. We have the wrong cousin to begin with.

    Like India is not the cousin to new Zealand.
    Its actually aboringals of Australia. Someone has said it was India. India wasnt in India at the time the aboringal arrived. And that’s why there is alot of real crimes?.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    So what they are trying to do is cancel culture for it to work. So the multi culturalism would work. but it doesnt work out for the world.. It’s not going to work because we have been told this lye for along time.

    You can clearly see it doesn’t work. Because now they are running a conspiring conspiracy on our lands. In there companies, in there real estate, in there franchise, in the banks, in the government. See it doesn’t work. We are going backwards.

    So what is happeneing is that the gangs have now woken up. And they are changing there ways as a gang for the good to grab the people.

    But I am trying to get them out. I wrote it all down. What I have to do?. Now we are the ones looking after England.

  • Dee Diggs / Ma Dukez says:

    Dr. Oz how do they know of the existing side effects of the Covid 19 Shot for people who are over 50 and have been diagnosed with cancer? Or even Lung cancer? Respond to ( please.

  • indigenous Interest Only says:

    Doctor oz
    Alot of people have died fighting against the is people. Now its safe for those Syrians to go home. They are ungrateful for all the hard work that was put into getting them to go back home. Fighting for there home. That’s ungrateful.

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