Cranberry. How did such a healthy fruit end up like this?

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Cranberry. How did such a healthy fruit end up like this?

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  • 11STARFIRE says:

    I Love jellied cranberry sauce.

  • Iled Iled says:

    Thank you for this show do.Oz we love you

  • Cristina Acosta says:

    Try blending 10 dates into 12oz hot water until pulverized. Put in saucepan and add fresh cranberries, 2-3 cinnamon sticks, teaspoon orange zest, bring to a boil with cranberries. Simmer for 15 minutes.chill. If its mot sweet enough, add monk fruit granulated to taste.

  • Cod Is Life! says:

    Cranberry salsa sounds great

  • Sara Dayan says:

    wow sarina is so pretty my gosh

  • Jeanette Starykowicz says:

    Not everyone wants overly spicy food. Some can’t have cilantro. What’s wrong with just cranberries, the real berries, orange juice and pulp, and honey? Home made cranberry sauce is fine.

    • KimberlyRae Art says:

      Jeanette Starykowicz I agree, I would leave out the cilantro, put in chives, leave out the jalapeños&scallions, as I can’t medically eat those peppers with damaged digestive system. If I want peppers for vits, I’d use well steamed/baked/etc red bell pep; Diced.
      But if some would prefer it simply just sweet then I’d leave out those other ingredients and just make jam salsa with the honey and maybe add raspberries. I love making these types of things; condiments maybe you could call them. You can do them healthier and homemade if you want to if you like to👨‍🍳cook.😊 Happy Thanksgiving Jeanette! I hope your holiday is as great as can be.🧡

  • Jeje Wa says:

    The one who likes the jigle and 22 grams of sugar is the fat one: no wonder!

  • David Rougeou says:

    You get sweet pork from pigs eating apples??? I guess you think chocolate milk comes from feeding cows chocolate.

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    I like little to sweet to eat much

  • R G says:


  • Carol Benson says:

    I’ve always loved jellied cranberry sauce!!!!!

  • Kade Vaccari says:

    There should be a Dr Phil and Doctor Oz crossover 🤯

  • RedC says:

    That lady said If it has 1 year shelf life it doesn’t belong on the table…. r u saying the longer it can preserve the better. Real food doesn’t last long

  • Janine Maddox says:

    I make my own cranberry juice with fresh honey and cranberry’s. Thanks a million for all your info. God bless.❤🙏

  • Harlemlady59 says:

    Only eat the whole berry one not the jelly kind. Good on a Turkey sandwich with stuffing lol hey dont knock it til you try it

  • 100 to Life A Fat Girl's Journey says:

    Because cranberries are terrible!

  • KimberlyRae Art says:

    Very cool Salsa idea!! (Two glazed donuts 🍩 per servings worth of sugar?!?!😳that is a bit nauseating)But to each his own.TY4 the info!!
    🦃🍁🍃🍂Happy Thanksgiving🍁🍃🍂🦃

  • Fania All-Star*** says:


  • Taylor mana12345 says:

    What up with Americans and putting added sugar to everything! No wonder you people are so obese.

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