Could You Still Spread Coronavirus Even If You Don’t Feel Sick?

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Could You Still Spread Coronavirus Even If You Don't Feel Sick?

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  • S T.J says:

    This man is smart! This is first thing that makes sense. Shut it all down!!!

  • Phat Luong says:

    YES YES YES, you spread virus at the highest viral load on the first week before showing symptoms. In other words, the virus is most contagion when your body immune system not yet responded to it. According to Hongkong doctors.

  • Felicita Rodriguez says:

    Why aren’t people listening?

  • Ron Alaska says:

    If the tests show good control of the virus with medications they are testing it could end up controllable and we could stop destroying lives! If people lose their job or their business and their house and their family is torn apart it would be the same as death! Time is needed for the drug research and more beds ventilators etc then we need to start rebuilding!

  • Kimberly Howard says:

    Seems to me they still do not have enough information on the virus yet, to be talking about opening. How fast is it mutating and how dangerous is that, how long is the longest it can stay active.

  • Kayla says:

    I like that Dr. Oz is doing these interviews but I don’t think we “normal” people will have the ability to one get a test in the first place not get it back that fast even if we could get one. Then unfortunately we have the access to this possibility life saving drug! So thanks for putting this information out there during these scary times but it kinda sucks too because it sounds like this medication could work and that with getting a test done and results back that fast would be very helpful with saving someone’s life unfortunately it’s just not working that way for the rest of us in the world, people with actual sever symptoms can’t even get a fucking test done and then some die awaiting their results…..

  • Hieu Nguyen says:

    Yes, we have to do shelter in placed aggressively throughout the entire nation.
    Focusing on developing the vaccine and mandating shelter in placed are the most important things, and we have to do it at the same time.

  • Mark Wilson says:

    I have to laugh seems he caughs into hand all the time. What’s with that.

  • Pady says:

    Somebody wants to solve both pension and healthcare crisis..

  • OneandOnlybad OneandOnlybad says:

    Should have did it from the start

  • Patti Dahl Heartsong says:

    I thought he was Woody Allen at first.

  • swtstgrlcaroline says:

    1st big mistake was the state department allowing sick citizens back into the US. Let those people sit on the bus with healthy individuals for 3 hours fighting with the CDC … then putting them alll on a plane back to the US. Ridiculous move

  • Abdul Dar says:

    Not Easter seems like Christmas before we can open US.

  • Judyblueyes says:

    How many people cringed when he coughed?! Like now I need to sanitize my phone😷📱🚿🧤🔬😷

    • Bola Ojex says:

      Don’t forget to also sanitize your sanitizer cover you press on daily 🙏😊
      And your bank cards, ids , indicator, car door handles, cups from take always and everything 😂.. I do , i bath in sanitizer lol

  • Mimi's Treasure Cottage says:

    We need to be testing for antibodies so people know if they have already had it and are less susceptible. They could go back to work.

  • M BG says:

    I’m glad Dr Oz is filming from home. Not too long ago he had this man on his show and a live audience.

  • Bola Ojex says:

    Don’t forget to sanitize everything from your sanitizer, cups from take away, bank cards and ids, car indicator buttons and door handles, phones, wallet and your face hourly with sanitizing wipes👌😂.. God bless And I pray for healing and progress for all of us .. to end all this demonic virus🙏

  • Bereck David says:

    It’s starting to appear as if their coming up with another piece of crap that we have to take every year that’s less than 15% effective like the flu shot. Another mutating virus that they, unless they create it, will have no idea how to vaccinate against. I never take the flu shot. These people are crazy. I’m really starting to doubt the idea of vaccinating against everything. It’s getting to the point where you have no idea what they are forcing into your arm.

  • williewideback says:

    I’m curious as to how many people was or may have ben effected in the USA as early as December or earlier that we wasn’t aware of I believe this virus as been in circulation much earlier and had ben mistaken for the flu and we’re now taking action.

  • Ptcustom says:

    The virus has been in the United States for months now.. Everyone has probably already had it and didn’t even know it.

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