Could We Be Facing a Covid-19 + Influenza Superstorm?

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Could We Be Facing a Covid-19 + Influenza Superstorm?

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  • tyquan fleming says:

    An ☄️ will it us on November 2nd

  • Donald Young says:


  • Kristy Smith says:

    Here we go.👉 The 1st statement is true.
    “We dont know yet.”👈 so let’s manufacture lots of massive fear and hysteria.

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    I’ve had doctors tell me Not to get flu shot

  • Freya Smiths says:

    I work in a shop and people are giving us abuse and saying don’t have wear masks .Some may not have to but a lot pretentending they don’t .Putting us at risks people wearing masks just below there noses .What’s the point in wearing them .I’m 45 do I need to get the flu shot ?

  • Bill Fabian says:

    I guarantee this superstorm will be all over the media by November 2020 regardless of the facts. Currently the lockdowns continue in the face of horrible actions taken by most of the world’s countries based on false models. The global lockdowns are not in response to covid19, but an attempt to destabilize and restructure society in the image of the globalist ideology. Agenda21 is the U.N.’s mechanism to bring about a new world order. The U.S. signed on to Agenda21 agreement in 1992. It’s being slowly implemented outside the view of most Americans, who have never heard of Agenda 21 or 2030. Within 10 years the world you currently live in will be a thing of the past. With the new world order your individual rights will be eliminated for the good of the many. Just like the current push to eliminate the electoral college, the majority will impose it’s will on the minority. California and New York will pick the President. 45 U.S. States will have no say, as the Republic will be no more. No longer will individual States have a say in its governance. A civil war will be a very possible outcome. For the globalist, the destruction of United States as a superpower (by any means necessary) is acceptable. The United States has been the number one destination of millions seeking a better life than that possible in their country. If globalist have their way that scenario will be a thing of the past. There will be no place to flee from authoritarian governments as the NWO will be in control of everything and everybody.

    • Kristy Smith says:


    • Leslie Shepard says:

      What other conspiracy theories do you believe in?

    • Bill Fabian says:

      Leslie Shepard Agenda 21 claims to focus on sustainability. Pick up the United Nations Agenda 21 handbook available on Amazon. To achieve this requires a central government to impose draconian measures on the masses and take control of the means of production. Making climate change a catalyst, new city centers will be constructed by each Agenda 21 participating countries (currently 178 of the world’s 198 countries) and people will be moved from rural areas to the city centers. The farm land will be owned by a central government. A I and 5G will assure surveillance will be everywhere. The example that comes up over and over is the “China Model”. An Authoritarian surveillance state with total control of people and things. That’s the plan. Conspiracies have nothing to do with it.

  • Kelly Jones says:

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Rich Maglione says:

    Release HCQ

  • Rich Maglione says:

    It will be gone in 11/4

  • Rich Maglione says:

    Almost died from flu shot in 1978 never took one again and never will again

    • Freya Smiths says:

      So I guess u wouldn’t say I should get flu jab.I don’t want to not unless it can be saving me a bit more from covid .Hope you are ok now and not any long term damage to health

  • Rich Maglione says:

    Retired Respiratory Therapist here from NJ

  • Annie says:

    More FEAR MONGERING!!!!!!!! 🤢🤮 You ought to know MUCH BETTER Dr OZ!!! Shame on you! 😥😫

  • Angela Rivera says:

    STOP THE FEAR MONGERING. everyone go check out the hire wire. He’s been right and three steps ahead the whole time. Btw studies showed the flu vax Increase coronavirus cases.. so why on earth would you get a flu vaccine? This is RIDICULOUS.

  • Cindy Porter says:

    I have and my parents and grandparents have always got the flu shot! Generations! Never get the flu!

  • Madame Paulettes says:

    I remember when Dr. Oz said that Covid-19 could be in the ocean, so don’t go swimming. –I’m tired of the scare tactics.

  • Adam We says:

    Yeah because the clowns in the government have kept people locked down, weakening their immune systems. I bet Sweden will get hit real hard…. Oh wait they already flattened the curve, without any social distancing or masks, or closing down their economy.

  • Maria Gallo says:

    54 yrs old never had flu shot

  • steven franklin says:

    Dr Oz took the flu shot on his show but i just seen him on Fox News saying it could be dangerous❗

  • Clara Martinez says:

    Thank you Dr for the inf

  • Ann Mitt says:

    We’re wearing masks, washing our hands until they bleed, and ignoring family and friends. How will there be a “terrible” any type of breakout?

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