Could This Antimalarial Drug Already Be Saving Patients?

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Could This Antimalarial Drug Already Be Saving Patients?

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  • Abu Huraira says:

    What is hope but a feeling of optimism
    A thought that says
    Things will improve
    It won’t always be bleak
    And there’s a way to rise above the present circumstances

  • Laura Martian says:

    Cuomo said he was given a lot of pills and was starting to use them Tuesday.

  • Magical Patterns says:

    Oh And also, I have been housebound for 5 years due to a lot of medical complications and my advice is, DO NOT loose HOPE. Tell yourself that what you are going through is a learning opportunity: Compassion for yourself and others.

  • Glen Pointe says:

    Search Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. This doctor treated 350 Cov-19 patients with 100% success using the drugs that CNN Anderson Cooper hates.

  • Louie Cypher says:

    Hey Doc you mentioned that only the sick folks should wear masks but I’m seeing everybody wearing one. I don’t blame them because as you said we could have it and not know it. It’s amazing how we have billions and billions of dollars for tanks and weapons yet we’re struggling to get everyone tests.

  • Lee Lashbrooks says:

    They will say it Doesn’t work, there is something fishy going on here, they want to push the anti viral instead probably because of money! Wake up people they don’t care about us they care about money

  • Kate.C says:

    Why aren’t they using this combination in the U.K.

  • Felisha P says:

    So at this point Dr. Oz for those at death’s bed shouldn’t we begin aggressive treatment ? I am in that 1% .

  • FEFT_and_KW KKCNG says:

    One MD said he used HC and AZ and zinc sulphate to treat Covid-19 500 in total patients and they all get well ? You can research more. My opinion, it works. Be reminded that it is an opinion piece. Do your research!! I believe it works with my own reasons and experience. It always have the scenario that MD John says okay, MD Paul says not okay. Put it this way. Choose the lesser evil under MD supervision if you got the Covid-19, Okay?

    I am not an American. But I think US president Mr. Trump is correct considering the drugs work!

    • dan tan says:

      FEFT_and_KW KKCNG I say use it early like the Koreans before the pneumonia develops

    • Rebecca Church says:

      I believe this will be a big help in the fight to stop Covid-19. My husband and I have been taking zinc for the last several weeks as we have discovered this in itself can possibly slow down the division of virus in the body. Just something I read so we are trying it out. At this point I don’t know if it would help or not but willing to give it a try just in case. I do hope the combination of drugs will be able to effectively treat patients already suffering with the virus.

  • Dawn Kuzio says:

    FDA is the problem ..this drug been great for 70 years …

  • Fredric Bethune says:

    Another fact is that India has started using HCQ for all its first responders and any civilian caring for a Clovis-19 person at home. India with 1.3 million people knows it works. Why is the US Media ignoring this? Why?

  • carieyoung1 says:

    People won’t want it to work because TRUMP is optimistic about it…TRUE STORY…pretty pathetic and sad…Austrailia also has studies that are promising…

    • honeyboo543 says:

      No matter how you word play it, Trump is a disaster. It was a hoax before it wasn’t 😐 right?

    • Justice Walking says:

      So are trying to say Trump is a pioneer? Due to his moronic ideas, people are dying and you’re here glorifying him

    • Paper Mario says:

      You sound silly. You accuse other people of not wanting medicine to work and yet you refuse to see why people would be apprehensive and not trust someone who constantly lies and bloviates about everything.

    • Phat Luong says:

      The FDA big pharma daddy smell money but Trump stopped them cold…. 😂😂😂

    • Tes C says:

      Your totally wrong who doesn’t want this to work. BUT a lot of stupid people who will automatically take this pills on their own without their pcp advice and end up hurting themselves and worst killing temselves because they over dose themselves or the scientific name is so familiar that they think that they are taking the right one. PLUS, people that have lupus will have difficult finding them because people will find a way of hoarding or getting them.

  • Diamond Holdings says:

    People who work in healthcare are heroes,
    Pray for them.

  • Roger Elder says:

    I believe this will prove true and that HCQ is going to help. Moreover, an understanding why it helps is going to likely lead to an extensibility of this knowledge applicable other Corona type viruses. Just realize there are those out here who would quash hope. Never have I seen such a coordinated effort to do so.

  • Tommy mcvee says:

    Zinc also blocks the viruses receptors.

    • Hauskins says:

      Choloroquine supposedly allows more zinc into the cells to block RNA replication of the virus, Zinc blocks RNA Replase, from making more of the virus.
      idk i just watch med cram and peak prosperity….thats what i understood

  • Jenny S says:

    My cousin a 28 year old male tested positive for COVID-19 and viral pneumonia. He was having difficulty breathing went to the ER and was admitted. He was given both hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax. He did complain of some chest tightness. I have read that it prolong the Q-T interval which may cause torsades…. cardiac arrest. However, they did an EKG-there was no changes. There was improvement right away. 48 hours later it’s like he was never sick. Glory be to God. He will complete taking the treatment tomorrow.

  • Wes Bates says:

    WE Need To Share This Video With the President Everyone Share this video with friends and family get the word out about this medicine this could be the answer to the covid -19

  • Ben Finny says:

    Trump said it had Promise
    NOW … Dr Oz say it has promise.
    He’s a visionary.

  • Ricky Carlsen says:

    Outlaw False media and Democratic B.S Evict all of them from the house Now

  • DR in AZ says:

    You won’t hear this potential good news on the MSM because it goes against their agenda to continue spreading fear and panic. The MSM is the enemy!

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