Could There Be Plastic In Your Rice?

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Dr. Oz investigates: is there any truth to all the rumors that there is plastic in your rice?

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  • Cinederlla Negron says:

    I heard there was

  • Ohilima Bolioh says:

    Rice increases insulin levels also , any brand will .

  • LetsDoHumans Podcast says:

    Is there rice in my plastic🤷🏿‍♂️

  • RW Fraley says:

    Do they grind it with asbestos?

  • Susan G says:

    Don’t eat it! It’s sweet potatoes or squash.

  • Shakira Bells says:


  • Geetha Ravi says:

    Are they trying to biodegrade plastic using human????EAT them

  • N. Ray says:

    Just show us the easiest way to test for plastic PLEASE. Is that so hard?

  • Peta Gonkyi says:

    In US there is strict FDA control but in many other countries, food adulteration is a big issue. Detergent are used to increase the specific gravity of diluted milk.

  • Peta Gonkyi says:

    If there is plastic will float while rice will sink in water.

  • Jeremy H says:

    You get what you pay for

  • Kitchen Cooking says:

    Thank God for no plastic. My recipes are safe.👍

  • Neema says:

    Still not confident about rice from this clip. There are so many brands and so many imports you couldn’t possibly have tested them all.

  • THCB Spotlights says:


  • Kate Lee says:

    We always wash our rice before cooking it. We are Asian so we eat rice every day.
    Also, I spoke with a local store owner who sells rice and she told me that it’s impossible to get plastic into the rice bcus of how heavily food administration checks on products when it comes through the US.

  • B R says:

    Dr. Oz
    Will you talk about the 70,000 chemicals that are placed into our food?

  • Mike Morelli says:

    Sure tastes like it. Ugh

  • Tasha Spz says:

    I always use organic california Rice but thair is no plastic 👍

  • Foodie Diva says:

    Ok what about imported rice? Who inspects or tests those products before we consume them? I have seen videos and heard stories that China or other foreign countries making fake rice and other fake foods do a search on youtube. Maybe these countries want to commit genocide on Americans in many ways like the fake nails industry, fake hair industry, the new hookah craze going on. Everything says made in china or india who have become wealthy selling products to Americans. A lot of these products cause cancer unbelievable. Check it out people need to wake up now. I tasted a fake shrimp which crumbled too easily in my mouth for shrimp from a chinese restaurant here in Atlanta. Here’s the ytv
    Prevention Now the Real Cure!

  • Mari De Luna says:

    There was bad rice in mexico a few years ago, I thought it was weird that my Mom was taking some rice from Ca. and she said, they had tried to make rice and it never cooked, it was hard! We thought it might be cheap rice they were getting down there, who knows!

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