Coronavirus Scams Trying To Steal Your Identity And Money

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Coronavirus Scams Trying To Steal Your Identity And Money

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  • George Rockson says:

    Great video

  • Lady Tate says:

    HCQ: Mend Urgent Care of CA. – ‘very ill to symptom-free in8 to 12 hrs.’

  • M. Pardew says:

    Watched yesterday everybody right down phone numbers

  • Rosie M says:

    Thank you Dr.Oz

  • Nagamalli Banavath says:

    Thank you for making us aware,

  • MsGinahidesout says:

    Wow, terrible. Thanks for the warning

  • Selveta Hyatt says:

    My question what if you are disabled and can’t work. Is there a check you?

  • Candice May says:

    All of a sudden someone who claims to be from HSN keeps calling me about an old balance I owe them…I do owe them money but it’s weird that I’ve owed them for over a year & now they wanna contact me about it during a pandemic 🤨 makes no sense

  • M. Pardew says:

    Excellent dr.oz

  • Pwolly says:

    The corona virus itself is a scam to rob us of our freedom.

  • Maddie W says:

    Dr.Oz you the man! Beware people! These corrupt thieves make things bad for all legitimate companies out there. Thanks Dr.Oz

  • Cylixir says:

    great video dude

  • Viri V says:

    And also mortgage protection letters that are false also I received one this week , beware people

  • RokSimmer (gal4God) says:

    I’ve had a couple of companies telling me I owe money to companies with phone numbers. They sent them from my own email account.

  • AnyOtherName LikeMashugana says:

    Hi did you made a video about the study on antibodies fighting the corona virus

  • Catheine Shaw says:

    I Do Not Answer Any Phone Calls From Anyone I Do Know. I Also Report All Scam Calls

  • Catheine Shaw says:

    I Do Not Answer Any Calls From Anyone I Do Not Know.

  • Circuit Masters says:

    Dr Oz – PT Barnum a sucker is born every minute!

  • tammie Roseberry says:

    Also lots email stuff from Google and a google assistant. There are scammers in google as IT employees. Interest at is that not whom Adam Schiff has been using to abuse authority to get information on american citizens!?

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