Coronavirus In California : Is This The Case That Change Everything?

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Coronavirus In California : Is This The Case That Change Everything?

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  • osemu egua says:

    Where would you get the Cure everybody is scared

  • Mary G says:

    Why does this site have constant spelling and grammar errors? The lack of attention to detail is disturbing.

  • Lisa C France says:

    Spread the panic Doc…..

  • kimi negn says:

    πŸ™ please God help us

    • Walking by faith says:

      FATHER GOD, Please help us NOW! This is too much to bear it is scary every time we turn around its something new . What is really going on, People are blaming lack of ignorance and all types of things I’ve even heard someone say Bill Gates was behind this what is really going on lovick a we need you more now than ever before

  • Peter James says:

    Heard California is finished 🦠

  • AdoringFan says:

    Dr Oz is lying mask and gloves won’t help, even if u do washur hands our immune systems have never seen this virus so reinfection is higher.

  • Cheryl Hart says:

    I grew up on the same block of ucdavis and even had gallbladder surgery there! We skipped school several times in the waiting room. All my family lives nearby. Scary

  • vasily motorola says:


  • Crypto Ninja says:

    This is a bioweapon against humanity pure diabolical evil. Pray and boost your immune system. The people that are dying are people that are not in good health . Also in Wuhan they have 5g which really helps activate this evil virus and they are dropping like fly’s in Wuhan. Wake up people this is crimes against humanity and is purely man made. Even Bill Gates has a passion to kill humans and he said it live on Ted Talk’s go check that out. They will develop a vaccine too soon from the same evil people that created it. Don’t take it just boost your immune system and pray to Jesus!

    • Vicki Stowe says:

      Crypto Ninja you are absolutely right I agree with everything you said this is actually what I was telling son and daughter this is a man made virus to wipe out most of humanity

    • Walking by faith says:

      I saw a video on YouTube, Now mind you I am not a social media person how ever I was led by the Holy Spirit to see what I saw regarding the Bill Gates involvement in this I’m not pointing fingers actually I’m really scared of evening saying this because you never know what people know but they played it in slow motion 3 times check it out people its own revelations of Jesus Christ on you to what the series of the Bill Gates involvement I pray it’s not true let’s pray and lift each other up this is ridiculous what is going on God is not pleased and we are under the wrath of God, And to the spelling and grammar Queen here please don’t come for me I’m talking to text so there might be a couple of errors but I’m sure that you will figure that out being that you are so efficient God-bless you I love you.

  • Kathy Sanders says:

    California has a large homeless population because of their open borders who aren’t washing their hands while pooping on the streets. The DEMOCRATS open border policies allows people possibility with diseases to cross the border UNCHECKED .

  • Walking by faith says:

    OMG, I just had to stop and take a praise break father God please help us this is too much what is this world coming to you turn on the news you turn around in the streets minding your own business and you are bombarded with nothing but badd sad news father God please protect us cover us as only you can do who ever is Responsible for this father God please put a stop to them or it.

  • Ya Ya mon says:

    When that hits Skid row look out

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